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Annual Auction

Allowance Trading

Once a year, EPA auctions a certain number of SO2 allowances at the end of March. Utilities, environmental groups, allowance brokers, and anyone else interested in purchasing allowances can participate. Allowances sold at the auctions will be sold to the highest bidder until no allowances remain. Successful bidders are notified and are listed on our Web site.

To bid in the EPA Auctions please see the How to Bid Factsheet in the Auction section of Clean Air Markets forms page.

For more information on EPA’s SO2 allowance auction, see the Allowance Auction Fact Sheet.

EPA tracks the results of each annual auction:

A compressed (ZIP) Excel spreadsheet (MS Excel, 4.9 MB) provides auction proceeds at the unit and plant level for each year (1993 thru 2014).


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