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This Web page provides information to help the regulated community/sources comply with Clean Air Market Programs.

What is the CAMD Business System (CBS)?

The CAMD Business System (CBS) is an interactive application that allows sources to perform various tasks online. Sources can use CBS to submit Certificate of Representation data, such as, add/edit facility or unit data; add/edit Designated Representatives, owners/operators, contacts, or Agents (see 'What are Agents?' section below); transfer allowances; and perform annual compliance tasks.

This system also allows the general public and commercial businesses to set up general allowance accounts.

NOTE: Your browser must support 128-bit encryption to use CBS.

Phishing Notice - Security Enhancements

How do I register to use CBS?

A user name and password are required to use the application. You can receive a user name and password if you are a current Designated Representative, a current Agent of a Designated Representative, or if you wish to set up a general allowance account in your name.

To receive a user name and password for CBS, contact Karen VanSickle, Paula Branch, or Kirk Nabors by phone. User names and passwords can not be sent via email.

What are Agents?

An Agent is someone authorized to act on behalf of a Primary or Alternate Designated Representative. A Representative can use CBS to establish Agents, or complete the Agent Notice of Delegation Form PDF (7 pp., 77 K, About PDF) | Word (7 pp., 76 K). Read form instructions carefully. This form can be faxed to CAMD (see form for details). For more information, see Assign Agents. The Agent will be sent information via email instructing them who to contact to receive their user name and password in order to access CBS.

Access the CAMD Business System (CBS)

Emissions Collection and Monitoring Plan System (ECMPS)

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