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Program Results

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This page provides links to compliance and progress reports, emissions data, and other summary reports for the Acid Rain Program.

Emissions Data
Includes links to raw emissions data for the Acid Rain Program, as well as preliminary summary emissions reports.

Progress and Compliance Reports
These annual reports describe the progress made by the Acid Rain Program to address this environmental problem. They provide both basic information about the nature of acid deposition and detailed descriptions of how key indicators have changed. These reports also include lists of affected sources each year, and the number of allowances banked from each year to the next.

Response of Surface Water Chemistry to the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 (PDF) (92 pp, 4.9 MB, About PDF)
This 2003 report concludes that the regulations stemming from the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990---including the Acid Rain Program regulations---have resulted changes in surface water chemistry in the northern and eastern U.S.  in response to changes in acid deposition. In addition, the report suggests that a market-based approach to pollution control works.


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