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CAIR Reports and Analyses

Contributions of CAIR/CAMR/CAVR to NAAQS Attainment: Focus on Control Technologies and Emission Reductions in the Electric Power Sector (PDF) (51 pp, 8MB, About PDF)

This April 2006 report focuses on recent analyses of multi-pollutant legislative proposals that EPA released in October 2005: the Clean Air Interstate, Mercury, and Visibility Rules (CAIR/CAMR/CAVR). The installation of advanced pollution controls, use of cleaner coal, and changes in operation all lead to very substantial reductions in SO2 and NOx emissions throughout the region. This report focuses in detail on these findings.

Multi-Pollutant Analyses and Technical Support Documents

Summarizes the detailed analyses conducted by EPA for various multi-pollutant legislative proposals including CAIR. Also included are analyses of EPA's regulatory approach to reducing emissions from the power sector.


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