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Compliance Assistance Measurement and Results

EPA is focused on producing measurable results to protect public health and the environment. Compliance Assistance is one of the tools the Agency uses alone or in combination with other tools like compliance monitoring and enforcement to achieve these results. In order to assess its efforts to help regulated entities comply with federal environmental requirements, EPA has been developing standard measures, measurement tools, methods for collecting, reporting and analyzing the results of delivered compliance assistance this information.


EPA annually reports to Congress on its progress in achieving its compliance assistance performance goals under the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA).

The current outcome measures of compliance assistance are:

EPA has also developed programmatic measures for its compliance assistance program.

The majority of the measurement tools - checklists, surveys, pre-tests and post-tests - used by EPA have been approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) through the Information Collection Request (ICR) process. The ICR process enables federal employees to request information from more than nine non-federal entities by requesting and obtaining an information collection request approval from OMB. EPA has a generic ICR for conducting compliance assistance surveys (PDF) (16 pp, 173K, About PDF).

The Guide for Measuring Compliance Assistance Outcomes (PDF) Revised October 2007 (167 pp, 2.35MB, About PDF) has more information on measuring the impact of compliance assistance projects and activities and gives detailed methodologies for analyzing results.


Survey results from EPA's major mechanisms for providing compliance assistance, the Compliance Assistance CentersExit EPA Disclaimer and EPA-led activities, show both have served their intended purpose. Respondents indicated that they took action, realized cost savings and made environmental improvements as a result of using these compliance assistance resources.

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