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For assistance with Compliance Incentives topics

For assistance with these topics:

  • Auditing
    Phil Milton, (202) 564-5029; milton.philip@epa.gov
  • Small Communities
    Ken Harmon, (202) 564-7049; harmon.kenneth@epa.gov
  • Small Business
    Beverly Updike, (202) 564-7142; updike.beverly@epa.gov

Phone and Mail Contacts

Civil Enforcement

Office of Civil Enforcement    Phone: (202) 564-2220
   Mail code: 2248A


Office of Compliance    Phone: (202) 564-2280
   Mail code: 2221A

Federal Facilities

Federal Facilities Enforcement Office
   Phone:(202) 564-2510
   Mail code: 2261A

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