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Air Facility System - Universal Interface
Getting Started

AFS Universal Interface Resources

For state or local agencies interested in using the Universal Interface (UI), the following information should be considered.

To get started with the UI, a state or local agency should first review and obtain authorization to use and install the UI software in their computer environment. This may be completed through discussions with the necessary technical or local area network (LAN) support staff within the state or local agency.

Once authorization is granted, the next step is to coordinate with the appropriate regional EPA, state or local Air Facility System (AFS) Compliance Manager (ACM) for review of the data flow from an agency’s system to the UI, and then the UI Team for further information on the technical requirements, logistical processes and materials relating to implementing the UI.

The UI Process Flow diagram depicted below describes the complete process flow of data from a state or local agency’s independent database to the AFS through the UI.

An essential step toward UI implementation is the mapping of the data elements from the agency's data system to those in the UI. This is a team effort with the steps and responsibilities varying to some degree from agency to agency. EPA's UI Team works with each agency by examining database record relationships and data field definitions. Depending on state and local agency business rules, agreements with regional EPA offices, and available data, it may include only the four “compliance / enforcement” data categories, or it may expand to encompass Title V permitting, Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM), and or Compliance Monitoring Strategy (CMS) data as well.

Universal Interface Flow Diagram

To assist the agency in understanding the data groupings and categories of data in the UI, please use the:

If you need further assistance, see the AFS contacts page.

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