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How Data is Being Used to Change the Way the Enforcement Program is Managed

Data drives the effectiveness of the enforcement program.  Data are used by HQ and regional management to ensure National Initiative and core programs are meeting their goals.  The sessions in the “Federal Data, Quality, Reporting & Performance Measurement “  track of the National v-Meeting will demonstrate how the data from our data systems is used to ensure that enforcement of Federal laws is efficient and effective by ensuring that states and EPA provide appropriate enforcement presence as well as addressing key environmental and noncompliance issues. 

This session is an opportunity for participants to ask questions based on the Tuesday and Wednesday presentations.  On Tuesday and Wednesday vMeeting participants heard about a number of ways in which the compliance and enforcement program is utilizing data to manage and report on  program performance.  Those include the SRF for state oversight, CMS for state and federal enforcement program performance, and NEIs and the OSMS for federal program performance management.

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