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Online Tracking Information System (OTIS)

Data Systems

The Online Tracking Information System (OTIS) is a collection of search engines which enables EPA staff, state/local/tribal governments and federal agencies to access a wide range of data relating to enforcement and compliance. This Web application sends queries to the Integrated Data for Enforcement Analysis (IDEA) system. IDEA copies many EPA and non-EPA databases monthly, and organizes the information to facilitate cross-database analysis. OTIS can be used for many functions, including planning, targeting, analysis, data quality review, and pre-inspection review.

In addition to performing database analyses, benefits include:

Only government agencies have access to the OTIS data system. The public may access the Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) Web site, which provides similar data.

For additional information please contact Jernell Battle at battle.jernell@epa.gov.


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