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Toxics/Pesticides Data Systems

Data Systems

The following data systems support the enforcement and compliance assurance program for Pesticides and Toxic Substances:

The National Compliance Data Base System and FIFRA/TSCA Tracking System (NCDB/FTTS) track regional compliance and enforcement activity and manage the Pesticides and Toxic Substances Compliance and Enforcement program at a national level. The systems track compliance monitoring and enforcement activities from the time an inspector conducts an inspection until any resulting enforcement actions are taken and is resolved. NCDB is the national repository of data from the regional and Headquarters FIFRA/TSCA Tracking Systems. Most of the data collected in FTTS is transferred to NCDB to support national program management and accomplishment and reporting.

The Section 7 Tracking System (SSTS) is the only automated system EPA uses to track pesticide producing establishments and the amount of pesticides they produce. SSTS records the registration of new establishments and the pesticide production at each establishment.


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