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Federal Facilities Monitoring

Federal facilities, like all other regulated facilities, are responsible for complying with environmental requirements.  EPA monitors compliance by federal facilities to assure they obey environmental laws and regulations through on-site inspections and reviewing information that EPA, states and tribes require to be submitted.

Compliance Information

Compliance information on federal facilities is available through:

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EPA and its regulatory partners (e.g., states and tribes) conduct inspections under the majority of statutory and regulatory programs.

Inspections are visits to a facility or site (e.g., a military base, a federal laboratory or a national park) to determine whether it is in compliance with environmental laws and regulations. Inspections generally include pre-inspection activities such as obtaining general site information before entering the facility or site. Other activities that may be conducted during the on-site visit include:

Inspections can be conducted on a single-media program (e.g. Clean Water Act) or for more than one media program. They can also be conducted to address a specific environmental problem (e.g., water quality in a river), a facility or industry sector (e.g., chemical plants), or a geographic (e.g., a region or locality) or an ecosystem (e.g., air or watershed).

Inspections are commonly conducted by EPA and state employees or by properly trained and authorized contract inspectors (PDF) (3 pp, 160K About PDF).

For more information see: Federal Facilities Inspections: A guide to EPA's access and inspection authorities (PDF) (2 pp, 104K About PDF).

As required by Executive Order 13148, federal agencies should have environmental management systems at appropriate facilities. (See EPA policy "Providing EMS-Related Compliance Assistance During Federal Facility Inspections (PDF)" (6 pp, 207K About PDF).

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