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Importing and Exporting Chemical Substances

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EPA regulates certain chemical substances and mixtures under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), including chemical import and export.

Importing Chemicals

The United States Customs and Border Protection monitors chemical imports regulated under TSCA section 13. Custom and Border Protection rules (19 CFR 12.118 to 12.128 and 127.28. See also 40 CFR 707.20) require certification from the importer.

TSCA section 13 certification applies to TSCA sections 5, 6, and 7. In addition, importers may have obligations under TSCA section 4 (testing) or 8 (reporting and recordkeeping) actions.

Exporting Chemicals

TSCA Section 12(b) and 40 CFR Part 707 requires EPA to notify importing countries of the export of chemicals or mixtures that are subject to certain rules and orders, as well as certain products containing PCBs or asbestos.  

Compliance Guide

The Compliance Guide for the Chemical Import Requirements of the Toxic Substances Control Act (PDF) (18 pp, 438K, About PDF) provides information on:

For more information on importing and exporting chemicals under TSCA:

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