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Environmental Review Guide for Special Appropriation Grants

EPA has prepared a handbook, Environmental Review Guide for Special Appropriation Grants (April, 2008) (PDF) (101 pp, 1.5 MB), which presents an overview to EPA's environmental review process and the levels of analysis associated with that review. This handbook and related appendices are designed for grant applicants who are applying for project funds that were authorized by Congress and for which the grant authority is the Agency's annual appropriations acts. The handbook contains background information, guidelines, checklists, other tools, and references that will assist grant applicants in understanding requirements under NEPA. The handbook should help applicants understand the environmental review process required under NEPA, as well as how to assist EPA during this review.

EPA has also developed an online training course regarding the handbook.

Please contact our Office if you would like a CD version of the handbook or the training program mailed to you.





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