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Enforcement and Compliance
Policy and Guidance Documents

These policy and guidance documents provide regulatory, case settlement, and other policy-related information supporting the Agency's enforcement and compliance activities. You may browse through the topic links, below, to find documents online in your area of interest.

You also may search for a specific document title by selecting the "Compliance and Enforcement Documents: Search" box. The search will allow you to look for documents that are online, request a document that has been archived, or find a rulemaking document.

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If you are looking for enforcement or compliance publications rather than policy or guidance documents, please visit our publications page for more assistance.

For access to reports and other data related publications, please visit our Results and Reports page for more assistance.

Compliance and Enforcement Documents

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Incentives & Auditing
Auditing, Small Business, more...

Good Laboratory Practices, more...


Civil Enforcement
Clean Air Act Compendium, Federal Facilities, RCRA Compendium, Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs), more...

Cleanup Enforcement
Superfund, RCRA Cleanup, Brownfields, Federal Facilities, more..

Criminal Enforcement

Governmental Collaboration

Federal Facilities
Civil, Cleanup, more..

Audit Privilege and Immunity Laws
Federal and State/Tribal Programs
Relationships with States

Federal and State/Tribal Programs

Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice policy and guidance

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

NEPA general policy and guidance
Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)


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