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Data submitted to the HPV Challenge Program are being reviewed and incorporated into the Agency's enhanced existing chemicals management activities.

Start here to look up data on a high production volume chemical.
Enter partial chemical name or Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) Number to search for endpoint data regarding the almost 900 chemical substances in the HPVIS database.

Other options:
  • Standard Query Report - Access data from lists of HPV chemical submissions. Use this query to access data, including HPV Challenge Program test plans and robust summaries, available EPA Hazard Characterizations and Risk-Based Prioritization Documents, by searching lists of submissions organized by either chemical, category, submission name, sponsor, or submitter.
  • Ad Hoc Query- Create a special report by selecting specific data elements. Use this query to build a unique chemical report that you can review online or download to your computer.
  • Category Matrix Report- Create a report that displays the chemicals in a category and the HPVIS information. Use this function to perform a “read-across” analysis of the chemicals in a category.
  • Endpoint Result Report- Create a report that provides a frequency distribution of the units-of-measure submitted for a specific data endpoint. Use this function if you want to get the most common units-of-measure reported for an endpoint.

The High Production Volume Information System (HPVIS) is a database that provides access to health and environmental effects information obtained through the High Production Volume (HPV) Challenge. This program "challenges" companies to make this data publicly available on chemicals produced or imported into the United States in quantities of 1 million pounds or more per year.

On this Web site, HPVIS enables users to search for summary information, test plans, and new data on HPV chemicals as they are received by the Agency. Currently, the HPVIS database contains over 340 submissions, representing almost 900 chemical substances, either as a single chemical submission or as a member of a chemical category.

EPA is carefully reviewing HPV chemical data to characterize the hazards and risks associated with HPV chemicals. HPVIS contains HPV Chemical Hazard Characterizations prepared during EPA's ongoing review of the health and environmental effects data contained with each HPV Challenge Program submission. HPVIS also contains Risk-Based Prioritization documents prepared from EPA's examination of HPV Challenge hazard data along with chemical use and exposure information collected from the 2006 Inventory Update Reporting (IUR). These recommendation documents prioritize HPV chemicals for follow-up data collection or management actions based on their potential risks.

Data Collection and HPVIS Content

In the HPV Challenge Program, companies have sponsored more than 2,200 HPV chemicals, with approximately 1,400 chemicals sponsored directly through the HPV Challenge Program and over 860 chemicals sponsored indirectly through international efforts. Only directly sponsored HPV Challenge Program chemicals make it to HPVIS.

Under the program, when companies, such as chemical manufacturers and trade associations, voluntarily sponsor a set of HPV chemicals, they provide existing data or perform tests on the chemicals, and submit their test data to this database. To ensure consistency, sponsors follow the Screening Information Data Set (SIDS), developed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). SIDS provides internationally agreed upon tests for screening chemicals for human and environmental hazards.

HPVIS consists of basic hazard (toxicity) and environmental fate information on HPV chemicals that can be used by environmental managers, public decision-makers, and others in their own health and environmental protection activities.

HPVIS submissions contain data on up to 50 endpoints organized into the following four disciplines described at the end of this paragraph. Click on any of the disciplines to view a list of the HPVIS endpoints included in that discipline. Click on any of the individual endpoints to view the specific data fields defined for each endpoint. Note: this information is metadata - information describing the data that is included in HPVIS. To view the actual data, use the Search box on the right side of this page.

Disclaimer: Data available in HPVIS have been entered from the robust summaries and test plans as submitted by the HPV Challenge sponsors. This self-reported information is also available on the HPV Challenge Web site. EPA has verified the data in HPVIS to ensure that it is consistent with the information that was submitted under the HPV Challenge Program. Industry sponsors also have the opportunity to verify their submitted data. HPVIS includes both initial and final submissions. The Agency intends to mark the data accordingly as our HPVIS efforts proceed. EPA is now conducting its own review of the quality of each data submission. Each data review is being conducted according to established HPV Challenge Program guidelines and EPA risk assessment guidance.

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