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HPV Chemical Data Users Conference

In conjunction with the Northeast Waste Management Official's Association (NEWMOA)  Exit Disclaimer, EPA held a national HPV data users conference, from December 12-14, 2006, in Austin, Texas. The conference was entitled "Characterizing Chemicals in Commerce: Using Data on High Production Volume Chemicals."

The conference served as an opportunity to educate and obtain input from representatives of various organizations (e.g., states, local governments, tribes, NGOs, industries, and academia) who are current or potential users of HPV chemical data on accessing, reviewing, and utilizing health and environmental effects data made available from the HPV Challenge Program and other sources.

The conference also provided a forum for attendees to discuss HPV data needs and to demonstrate HPV data access capabilities, including those associated with Federal and non-Federal information systems and data sources (e.g., HPVIS, state Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) files, state Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) 312 data systems, IUR data files, Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) database, industry data, and Environmental Defense and other NGO data resources).

The conference also allowed individuals to share information on public and private initiatives, including international efforts that are currently underway to acquire additional HPV chemical data.

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