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Electronic Submissions

Companies and consortia participating in the HPV Challenge Program can submit data electronically using the buttons on these pages. The data they submit will be available to the public through links on this website, and the public will be able to submit comments on those data to EPA. Most of these data will be highly technical in nature.

The data submission, viewing, and searching tools are undergoing constant development. Some of the tools will be cumbersome at first simply because they have been developed very quickly. We are already working to make them both more attractive and much easier to use. In time, we anticipate that companies will be able to submit data directly through the website, and that the public will have the options of searching and reviewing data either on the website, or through downloading database files to their own computers.

Companies and consortia sponsoring chemicals in the HPV Challenge Program begin by assembling and reviewing all of the existing data on those chemicals, and by preparing a Robust Summary of each key study on which they intend to rely. Challenge participants will prepare a Test Plan for each chemical based on those robust summaries, indicating where data are considered adequate and how the company or consortium plans to fill any critical data gaps. Test Plans and Robust Summaries are to be submitted at the same time, and may be submitted at any point during the year identified as the "start year" for the chemicals involved. Both Test Plans and Robust Summaries will be posted to the Internet. Challenge Program participants are requested to defer any proposed new testing for 120 days from the posting of their Test Plan and Robust Summary information, in order to allow for public comment on the Test Plan and for the possible provision of additional existing information which might obviate the need for some new testing.

Industry has created an electronic database for companies and consortia to use in submitting Test Plans on the US HPV Chemical Tracking System website, and the public can view them there through links on this website. Any Test Plans submitted to the Agency but not entered into the industry's Chemical Tracking System can be viewed here, on the ChemRTK website.

Robust Summary data are to be submitted to the Agency. Companies and consortia will be able to use database format templates available on this website, or submit already existing summaries electronically in IUCLID format (the standard for the OECD HPV SIDS program) or in hard copy.

Please Note: Links on this page marked "Exit EPA" lead to web pages not owned or maintained by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Agency makes no judgments concerning their content.

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