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HPV Challenge Program Status Report Page

Robust Summaries and Test Plans

The HPV Challenge Program is now providing users two methods by which to view information submitted to the Challenge Program.

The Robust Summaries and Test Plan page which lists submissions in the order in which they are posted to the website remains the same.

The new Robust Summaries and Test Plans Enhanced Search Page enables users to search submissions by variety of means, CAS number, chemical name, category, or document title.

Please Note:

The enhanced search capabilities provided in this update allow users to identify CAS numbers, chemical, category, and sponsor (including consortium) names and submission titles for direct access to the Table of Contents page for the selected submissions. The Table of Contents page provides a listing of all materials relating to the test plan and robust summary packages for that submission. It also provides access to all public and EPA comments for that submission. However, the user should be aware of two limitations to these enhanced search capabilities. The first is temporary and will be remedied in the near future. The second is permanent and will be remedied once the fully searchable HPV Information System is made available.

The first limitation covers approximately the first third of the submissions made to the HPV Challenge Program. These submissions were scanned using technology that provided image-based pdfs for viewing, rather than the text-based pdfs needed for free text searching. The Agency is in the process of converting all affected pdfs into text-based documents, and will inform users when the conversion is complete. In the interim, please note that the ability to access these submissions using the key search terms listed above remains intact. Searching for specific text within the submissions is affected.

The second limitation covers the pick lists for CAS numbers, and chemical, category, and sponsor names in the key search terms provided on the home page for the enhanced searching. These lists are updated daily with infomation provided in the notification emails sent to interested parties and in the listing of submissions provided on the original Robust Summaries and Test Plans search page. In a small number of cases, these lists will not be complete. The reason for this is because the Agency makes every effort to post submissions to this website as quickly as possible. In parallel, these submissions are processed to ensure the CAS numbers and chemical names are valid and that the listing of sponsors, including consortium members, is complete. These lists are updated on a monthly basis. This limitation should not affect a large number of submissions, but the user should be careful to review all submissions listed in the search results to be certain that all submissions related to the seach request have been identified. The Agency regrets this inconvenience and is in the process of developing the HPV Information System which will render these limitations obsolete.

This is the original Robust Summaries and Test Plan Search Page that lists submissions in the order in which they are posted to the website.

This page will allow users to search submissions by sponsor name, chemical name and/or category, CAS number, or the title of the submission.

EPA is currently developing a new HPV Information System (HPVIS) for all HPV Challenge submissions. A key focus of that effort is to put HPV data into a database, facilitating more robust search capabilities than those provided here. Additional information on HPVIS and its search capabilities will be provided in the future.

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