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SITE-Specific Management Approaches and Redevelopment Tools Electronic (SMARTE)

Sustainable Communities
Sustainable Communities

Site-Specific Management Approaches and Redevelopment Tools Electronic (SMARTE)

The Alternative Covers Assessment Program (ACAP)

Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation (SITE)

PLACES Sustainable Communities Program

EPA and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) continue an ongoing partnership to gain an understanding of each other's approach to the cleanup of chemical contamination. Cleaning up and reinvesting in previously used properties preserves natural areas and working farms and ranches; protects wildlife; improves water, soil, and air quality; and protects human health.

Starting in 2000, the U.S.-German Bilateral Working Group conducted studies to identify elements of brownfield redevelopment and understand which elements posed the most difficulties during a redevelopment effort. The group discussed tools that could be developed to assist stakeholders in overcoming the barriers to redevelopment that were identified. SMARTe, an open-source, computer- and Web-based decision support system, is one of these tools. SMARTe stands for Sustainable Management Approaches and Revitalization Tools – Electronic and is available at www. SMARTe.org. SMARTe will aid stakeholders who are developing and evaluating options for reusing potentially contaminated properties.

The goal of SMARTe is to help stakeholders, such as community organizations, governments, and developers, identify, apply, and integrate tools and technology for sustainable revitalization. EPA updates SMARTe annually.


SMARTe: An Online Resource for Improving Revitalization Decisions for Potentially Contaminated Sites (PDF) (2 pp, 156 KB) (EPA/600/F-11/028) November 2011


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