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Overview for Regulated Entities Reporting Directly to EPA

How & When Does It Apply?

CROMERR Applies To:

CROMERR Does Not Apply To:

What is CROMERR?

EPA's Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Regulation (CROMERR) provides the legal framework for electronic reporting to EPA and states, tribes, and local governments (hereafter referred to simply as "delegated programs") that are authorized to administer EPA programs. CROMERR is intended to reduce the cost and burden of electronic reporting while maintaining the level of corporate and individual responsibility and accountability that exists in the paper environment.

I report directly to EPA. What does CROMERR mean for me?

All EPA systems that were receiving electronic reports as of October 13, 2005, were designated as acceptable to continue to receive those reports for a two-year period. Entities reportering directly to EPA could continue to follow existing procedures to submit reports to these systems until October 13, 2008, or until EPA publishes a Federal Register notice that announces changes to, or a migration from, these systems.

Under CROMERR, electronic reporting directly to EPA requires submission through EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX), or to another system designated by EPA for the receipt of the electronic report in question. If you follow the procedures established by CDX (or another designated system) for document preparation, signature and submission, and your documents are successfully received by CDX (or another designated system), your submission will comply with CROMERR. Your submissions must include valid electronic signatures in those cases where handwritten signatures would have been required for the paper-based submissions, and the electronic signatures will have the same legal force as the handwritten signatures.

For which of my submissions can I use CDX?

Information on the submissions that CDX currently accepts can be found on the CDX website. Whenever CDX or another EPA-designated system is ready to accept additional electronic submissions, EPA will publish an announcement in the Federal Register and will provide information of the procedures for electronic submission of the affected reports. For submissions that CDX accepts, the CDX website will provide instructions concerning the format required for data submission, registration procedures, and requirements for electronic signatures.

What doesn't CROMERR do?

CROMERR is designed to facilitate electronic reporting under environmental programs. It does not mandate that EPA institute electronic reporting or that regulated entities use electronic reporting for reporting directly to EPA, but it also does not prohibit electronic reporting from being required by other regulations. CROMERR also does not:

For more information contact:

U.S. EPA Office of Environmental Information
EPA CROMERR Program (cromerr(at)epa.gov)

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