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Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC)

What is "CPIC?" The CPIC Program is a structured, integrated approach to managing Information Technology (IT) investments. It ensures that all IT investments align with the EPA mission and support business needs while minimizing risks and maximizing returns throughout the investment's lifecycle. The CPIC relies on a systematic approach to IT investment management in three distinct phases: select, control, and on-going evaluation, to ensure each investment's objectives support the business and mission needs of the Agency.

CPIC OMB Submission from Past Budget Years
(for Public Distribution)

Below are updated exhibits reflecting final Presidential decisions. (Pre-decisional budget information is purposely omitted, per Section 300.7 of OMB Circular No. A-11).

Exhibit 53 is the EPA's budget report on Information Technology (in tabular format). The report contains basic information that links internal planning, budgeting, acquisition, and management of IT resources (i.e., the capital planning process). It is submitted to OMB as part of the annual IT budget process.

Exhibit 300 is the budget justification and reporting document that is required by OMB for major IT investments. A major IT investment is defined as a system or project requiring special management attention because of its importance to the mission or the function of the agency, a component of the agency or another organization; is for financial management and obligates more than $500,000 annually; has significant program or policy implications; has high executive visibility; has high development, operating or maintenance costs; is funded through other than direct appropriations; or is defined as major by the agency's capital planning and investment control process, which the EPA defines as costing $3 million or more annually.

Budget Year 2010



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