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Transportation and Air Quality

2004 Press Releases

Below are EPA press releases related to the Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ). If you are interested in all EPA press releases, please visit the EPA Newsroom.

Press Releases for 2004
December 22, 2004 EPA Proposes Minor Adjustment in Air Toxics Baseline for Certain Gasoline Refiners and Importers
December 22, 2004 To Help Meet More Protective Ozone Standard, EPA Will Update Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Program Requirements
December 14, 2004 2003 Particle Pollution Report Shows Major Improvements in Air Quality
December 9, 2004 EPA Proposes Additional Options for Determining Transportation Impacts on Particulate Matter Air Quality Standards
November 19, 2004 United States and China Launch Clean Diesel Retrofit Program
November 16, 2004 13 Countries Join United States in Launching Methane to Markets Partnership
November 15, 2004 EPA Administrator Joins Representatives from 13 Countries in Methane to Markets Partnership
November 1, 2004 EPA Releases Final Science Review Document of Clean Air Standards for Particulate Matter
October 13, 2004 EPA Awards $1 Million in Grants to Decrease Truck Idling
October 7, 2004 2005 Fuel Economy Guide Lists Top 10 Vehicles
October 4, 2004 Wal-Mart and Tyson Join EPA's SmartWay Transport Partnership
September 29, 2004 EPA Recognizes Best Workplaces for Commuters from the Fortune 500 Companies
September 23, 2004 Fuel Suppliers Preparing to Meet Future Low-Sulfur Diesel Requirements
September 22, 2004 2003 Status Report Shows U.S. Air Cleanest Since 1970
September 17, 2004 EPA Grants Gasoline Waivers for Atlanta Area After Hurricanes Cut Supplies
September 9, 2004 EPA Particulate Matter Research Report Released
September 7, 2004 EPA Helps Florida Deal with Fuel Shortage
September 3, 2004 EPA Grants Fuel Waivers for Parts of Florida Affected by Hurricanes
September 2, 2004 EPA Press Advisory: EPA Report: Eastern States Cut Air Pollution with NOx Cap-and-Trade Program
August 26, 2004 EPA, DaimlerChrysler, and UPS Deliver Zero-Emission Vehicles
August 12, 2004 EPA Funds Study to Determine Truck Drivers' Exposure to Idling Emissions
August 12, 2004 EPA Seeks Comment on Proposed Truck Stop Idling Rules
August 5, 2004 EPA Certifies First Hybrid SUV
July 29, 2004 EPA Awards Largest-Ever Grant to Study Health Effects of Air Pollution
July 28, 2004 International Methane to Markets Partnership to Enhance Clean Energy Sources and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
July 2, 2004 Simple Steps to Conserve Gas, Save Money and Reduce Auto Emissions
June 29, 2004 EPA, States Working to Protect Public Health Through Fine Particle Standard
June 21, 2004 First International Diesel Retrofit Project Awarded to Mexico City
June 16, 2004 Conformity Regulations Adjusted to Meet New Air Quality Standards
June 3, 2004 EPA Proposes In-Use Testing of Heavy-Duty Diesel Emissions
June 2, 2004 Tomorrow's Buses for Today's Children: Clean School Bus Partnership and Grant Announcement
June 2, 2004 New Studies Compare Composition and Toxicity of Diesel Exhaust
June 2, 2004 Passenger Vehicle Emissions Study Begins in Kansas City
May 28, 2004 Administrator Mike Leavitt to Deliver Keynote Address at 2004 Science Forum on Tuesday, June 1 - Annual Science Meeting Will Focus on Healthy Communities and Ecosystems
May 19, 2004 EPA Refines Mobile Source Emissions Estimated Model
May 19, 2004 Additional Details Announced on Proposed Clean Air Interstate Rule
May 11, 2004 New Clean Diesel Rule Major Step in a Decade of Progress
May 10, 2004 Leavitt to Sign Clean Air Nonroad Diesel Rule
May 5, 2004 EPA Updates Engine Emissions Certification Fees
May 5, 2004 EPA Announces $1.5 Million for Diesel Retrofits that Benefit Sensitive Populations
April 28, 2004 Ozone Trend Analysis Shows Continued Progress
April 22, 2004 EPA Statement: Tier 2 Gasoline Sulfur Program is on Schedule
April 16, 2004 Regional Haze Proposal Will Help Restore Visibility in America's National Parks and Wilderness Areas
April 14, 2004 More Protective Clean Air Standards to be Announced
April 13, 2004 EPA Administrator Leavitt Charts America's Clean Air Future
April 7, 2004 EPA Awards Grants to Reduce Pollution from Trucks at Truck Stops
March 24, 2004 Proposed Regulations Ensure Extended Life of Vehicle Emission Controls
March 24, 2004 EPA Seeks Comments on Gas Mileage Testing Procedures
March 23, 2004 Clean Air Excellence Awards Recognize 13 Innovative Environmental Efforts
March 8, 2004 EPA Displays the First Advanced Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle
March 4, 2004 Engine Manufacturers on Target to Meet More Stringent 2007 Clean-Diesel Regulations
March 3, 2004 U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory Released for Public Comment
February 27, 2004 New Computer Model Predicts Vehicle Emissions Under More Stringent Future Air Quality Standards
February 17, 2004 EPA and Department of Energy to Sign Agreement for Research and Computing Cooperation
February 9, 2004 EPA Administrator Promotes Partnership with Freight Industry
February 2, 2004 FY 2005 Budget Empowers Agency to Accelerate Environmental Protection
February 2, 2004 President Bush's FY 2005 Budget Will Continue Environmental Progress
January 30, 2004 EPA Press Briefing for President's Budget for Fiscal Year 2005
January 30, 2004 Bush Adminstration Proposes Major New Funding to Reduce School Bus Emissions
January 29, 2004 EPA Administrator Mike Leavitt to Announce Major New Funding to Reduce School Bus Pollution - North Allegheny School District will be Recognized for Clean School Bus Efforts
January 27, 2004 EPA Issues New Best Practices Guidance for Research Models
January 26, 2004 Automakers and Gasoline Refiners Join EPA to Celebrate Milestone in Clean Air Program
January 23, 2004 Leavitt Showcases Newest Generation of Clean Cars & Fuels
January 16, 2004 EPA Guidelines Promote Truck and Locomotive Idling Reductions

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