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2012 EPA Research Progress Report

Introduction: Innovation Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow

A message from Lek Kadeli, Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator, U.S. EPA Office of Research and Development

Air, Climate, and Energy Research

EPA's Air, Climate, and Energy research program examines the interplay among air pollution, climate change, and energy use and production to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for improving air quality and addressing global climate change.

Safe and Sustainable Water Resources

EPA's Safe and Sustainable Water Resources research program provides the science and innovative technologies that the Agency—and the nation—need to maintain drinking water sources and systems, as well as to protect the chemical, physical and biological integrity of our waters.

Sustainable and Healthy Communities

EPA's Sustainable and Healthy Communities research program works to help communities meet their current needs in ways that protect the environment and enhance human health over the long term, so that future generations can meet their needs too.

Chemical Safety for Sustainability

Achieving a safer and more sustainable future requires developing new, innovative methods to design, manufacture, use, and dispose of existing and new chemicals in cleaner, less toxic ways. EPA chemical research is focused on advancing a better understanding of chemicals to maximize safety and sustainability.

Human Health Risk Assessment

EPA's Human Health Risk Assessment research program provides state-of-the-science products in support of risk assessment, such as independently peer-reviewed human health assessments for individual chemicals and chemical mixtures; integrated science assessments and technical support to meet partner and stakeholder needs; and tools to modernize human health risk assessment.

Supporting and Building Partnerships

EPA supports the nation's leading scientists and engineers to facilitate the pursuit and dissemination of high-quality research to build a strong foundation for Agency actions and decisions.

Homeland Security

EPA's Homeland Security research supports the Agency's role as the lead federal agency for protecting water systems and decontamination efforts following incidents involving chemical, biological, or radiological contamination.

Other Research Topics

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