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EPA Researchers @ Work

Science forms the foundation of everything EPA does. It provides the information, tools, and innovations the Agency needs to meet its mission to protect human health and the environment. Behind that work are EPA scientists and engineers who explore the complex interrelationships between people and our environment.

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Advancing AOP Knowledge and Development: Dan Villeneuve, Ph.D. Improving Water Systems to Protect Our Drinking Water: Robert Janke Sang Don Lee, Ph.D. Exploring the connections between ecosystems and people: Anne Neale
Keeping Drinking Water Safe: Darren Lytle, Ph.D. Building Resilience to Climate Change: Chris Clark Science to help protect children: Linda Sheldon, Ph.D. New Generation of Chemical Testing: Tim Shafer, Ph.D.
More Than a Pipe Dream: Building a Pipe Network to Test Decontamination: Steve Clark Modeling for a Healthier Environment: Sandy Raimondo, Ph.D. EPA Environmental Engineer Felicia Barnett Investing in Climate Science: Chris Weaver, Ph.D.
Persistence and Leadership: Nisha S. Sipes, Ph.D. Sizing Up the Risks of Nanomaterials: Will Boyes, Ph.D. Homeland Security and the Art of Decontamination: Shawn Ryan, Ph.D. Using Innovative Research to Help Protect Human Health: Valerie Zartarian, Ph.D.
Supporting Risk Assessments to Protect Public Health: Mark Strynar, Ph.D. Studying the Link between Asthma and Air Pollution: Jane Gallagher, Ph.D. Studying the Link between Ecology and Public Health: Laura Jackson, Ph.D. Air Quality Monitoring in Your Neighborhood: Ron Williams
Keeping People and the Environment Safe: Ana Rivera-Lupiez Thinking Small: Studying Nanomaterials: Dermont Bouchard, Ph.D. Reducing Pollution and Improving Air Quality: Deborah Luecken Research for Safe and Secure Water Systems: Jeff Szabo, Ph.D
Exploring Low-level Air Pollution and the Heart: Mehdi S. Hazari, Ph.D. Cleaning Up the Mess: EPA Homeland Security Decontamination Research: Paul Lemieux, Ph.D. Keeping Drinking Water Safe: Eric Villegas, Ph.D. Protecting Children and Others from Harmful Substances: Luz V. Garcia, M.S., M.E.
Keeping Water Safe: Mitch Kostich, Ph.D. Advancing and Sharing EPA Science to Meet Local Needs: Marie O'Shea, Ph.D. Making a Difference in Public Health: Maureen Gwinn, MS PhD DABT Protecting Drinking Water and Public Health: Cynthia Yund, Ph.D.
Supporting the Best Air, Climate, and Energy Research: Sherri Hunt, Ph.D. The Impacts of Air Quality on Human Health: Ana Rappold, Ph.D. Discovering How Nanomaterials Change in the Environment: Richard Zepp, Ph.D. Understanding Air Pollution and Our Health: Robert Devlin, Ph.D.
Developing Sustainable Water Resources: Jeff Yang, Ph.D. Protecting Water Security: Terra Haxton, Ph.D. Developing New, High-tech Methods and Models for Safe and Sustainable Chemicals: Thomas Knudsen, Ph.D. Advancing Chemical Safety for Sustainability: Dr. Tina Bahadori
Cleaning Up Contaminated Sites: Kira Lynch Advancing the Nation's "Green" Infrastructure: Bill Shuster, Ph.D. Planning for a Changing Climate: Jordan West, Ph.D. Measuring Exposures to Environmental Pathogens: Swinburne A.J. (Jason) Augustine, Ph.D.
Helping Communities Make Sustainable and Healthy Decisions: Betsy Smith, Ph.D. Developing New Ways to Study Environmental Chemicals: Quincy Teng, Ph.D. The Future of Water Quality Monitoring: Blake Schaeffer, Ph.D. Science to Understand Air Quality: Havala Pye, Ph.D.
Science for Healthy and Sustainable Tribes: Ken Bailey M.En. Striving for Sustainable Science: Heriberto Cabezas, Ph.D. Studying Stream Restoration and Ecosystem Services: Paul Mayer, Ph.D. Making Sense of Chemical Exposures: Cecilia Tan, Ph.D.
Research at the Intersection of People and the Environment: Michael Nye, Ph.D. Science to help protect children: Linda Sheldon, Ph.D. Down to Earth: From Life on Mars to Clean Drinking Water: Jay Garland, Ph.D. Advancing and Sharing EPA Science to Meet Local Needs: Marie O'Shea, Ph.D.
Reducing Exposures to Improve Health: Nicolle Tulve, Ph.D. Thinking Big by Starting Small: Carolina Peñalva-Arana, Ph.D. Helping to Analyze and Protect Drinking Water: Jody Shoemaker, Ph.D. Putting a Value on Natural Resources: Marisa Mazzotta, Ph.D.
Measuring Exposures to Environmental Pathogens: Swinburne A.J. (Jason) Augustine, Ph.D. Exploring Aquatic Ecosystems: Theodore Angradi, Ph.D. A Heart Healthy Population: Wayne Cascio, MD The Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia Project: Michael Murrell, Ph.D.
Identifying Sources of Excess Nitrogen: Jana Compton, Ph.D. Something in the Air?: Gayle Hagler, Ph.D. Science for Sustainability: Susan Yee, Ph.D. New Generation of Chemical Testing: Tim Shafer, Ph.D. Working to Protect Infants and Children: William Mundy, Ph.D.

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