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Technology Innovation for Environmental and Economic Progress

Vision for Technology Innovation

  • EPA will promote innovation that eliminates or significantly reduces the use of toxic substances and exposure to pollutants in the environment and that also promotes growth of the American economy.
  • Building upon EPA's history of scientific and technological expertise, the Agency will seek out prospective technological advances that have the greatest potential to achieve multiple environmental goals.
  • Consistent with its statutory and regulatory abilities, EPA will partner with a diverse set of new and existing stakeholders to speed the design, development and deployment of the next generation of environmental technologies, creating a cleaner environment and a stronger economy for our nation and the world.

To help achieve this vision, EPA designed the Roadmap on Technology Innovation for Environmental and Economic Progress to promote sustainable technology innovation and examine a broad range of approaches to solving the country's most pressing current environmental problems and preventing future ones.

Podcast Interviews

Innovation in Practice

November, 2012: Partnership on Technology Innovation & the Environment

As follow-up to the Technology Market Summit, EPA joined a new partnership, established by the Heinz Center for Science, Economics and the Environment, Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions (Duke University), American University Center for Environmental Policy and the Environmental Defense Fund. This partnership is a non-binding, non-legal, voluntary collaborative committed to accelerating the development, adoption, deployment and export of technologies that protect health and the environment as they grow the U.S. economy and create American jobs.

May, 2012: Technology Market Summit

Jointly sponsored by EPA and American University, the May 14, 2012 Summit brought together government, industry, academia, and investment decision makers to accelerate the development and adoption of technologies to achieve economic growth through environmental protection. For more information on the Summit visit www.epa.gov/envirofinance/2012summit.html.

April, 2012: Economy, Energy, and the Environment (E3)

E3 is a joint collaboration effort between EPA and four other federal agencies that pulls the agencies' resources and expertise together, and works directly with local utilities, local government and communities to help small- and medium-sized manufacturers achieve their sustainability goals. For more information on E3 visit www.e3.gov.

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