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Importing Vehicles and Engines into the U.S.

Exporting U.S. Vehicles or Engines

If you are exporting a U.S. version vehicle or engine, you will need to check the requirements of the country to which the vehicle or engine is being exported. Some countries may require you to submit a copy of the vehicle’s or engine’s Certificate of Conformity and Certificate Summary Information (test data).

Additionally, EPA has determined that leaded gasoline is still available in certain countries. If you are exporting a U.S. version motor vehicle, and you believe that unleaded gasoline may not be available in all areas that the vehicle will be driven, you may obtain authorization from EPA to remove the catalyst and oxygen sensors before the vehicle is shipped overseas. Removing the catalyst and oxygen sensors prior to shipping the vehicle overseas protects them from possible contamination from leaded gasoline. The catalyst and oxygen sensors must then be reinstalled when the vehicle returns to the U.S.. To obtain EPA authorization to remove the catalyst and oxygen sensors, call the Air Enforcement Division at (202) 564-2260. The vehicle owner is responsible for determining whether unleaded gasoline is available or used in the country in which the owner intends to operate the U.S. version vehicle.

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