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Can Leaking Tanks Be Repaired?

You can repair a leaking tank if the person who does the repair carefully follows industry codes and standards that establish the correct way to conduct repairs.

Within 30 days of the repair, you must prove that the tank repair has worked by doing one of the following:

Within 6 months of repair, USTs with cathodic protection must be tested to show that the cathodic protection is working properly.

You must keep records for each repair as long as you keep the UST in service.


Metal pipe sections and fittings that have released product as a result of corrosion or other damage must be replaced. Loose fittings can be tightened, and in some cases that may solve the problem.

Piping made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic can be repaired, but only in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions or national codes of practice. Within 30 days of the repair, piping must be tested in the same ways noted above for testing tank repairs (except for internal inspection).

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