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Operating And Maintaining UST Systems


The resources below will help owners and operators properly maintain their UST system and help ensure compliance with the regulations.

UST Systems: Inspecting And Maintaining Sumps And Spill Buckets - Practical Help And Checklist (EPA 510-R-05-001). May 2005.
A manual for owners and operators with recommended inspection guidelines and best management practices for UST system sumps and spill buckets.

Operating And Maintaining Underground Storage Tank Systems: Practical Help And Checklists (EPA 510-B-05-002). September 2005.
A manual for UST owners and operators that can help them comply with regulatory requirements and keep their facilities safe and sound.

Automatic Tank Gauging Systems For Release Detection: Reference Manual For Underground Storage Tank Inspectors (EPA 510-B-00-009). August 2000.
A manual for UST owners, operators, and inspectors who need information on specific ATGS devices.

Operation And Maintenance Logos
You may download and use these logos to promote good UST operation and maintenance.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions can help you identify O&M issues.

Please email Paul Miller at miller.paul@epa.gov if you need more information.

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