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Pesticide Registration (PR) Notice 96-3: Pesticide Products Used to Disinsect Aircraft


May 14, 1996

Notice To: Manufacturers, Producers, Formulators, and Registrants of Pesticide Products

Attention: Persons Responsible for Federal Registration and Reregistration of Pesticide Products

Subject: Pesticide Products Used to Disinsect Aircraft

This Notice specifies labeling changes for any pesticide product (insecticide) used for disinsecting aircraft. Based on incident information associated with the use of insecticide spray products being used in occupied aircraft cabins, the Agency has concluded that, in order to remain in compliance with the requirements of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), registrants of insecticide sprays registered for use in any portion of aircraft should revise the labeling for such products according to the requirements described in this Notice. Registrants who choose to revise labeling in accordance with this Notice should submit amendments or notifications to EPA within 90 days of date of issuance of this Notice.


The Agency has received information which raises questions concerning the potential human health risks associated with the use of insecticide spray products in occupied aircraft cabins. In addition, the Agency doubts that the benefits associated with this use exceed the risks of such use. The Agency believes that the use of insecticide spray products in occupied cabins may result in unreasonable adverse effects on the environment. Products that pose unreasonable adverse effects to the environment do not meet FIFRA's standard for registration, and are subject to cancellation under section 6(b) of the statute.

Attachment A lists insecticide products which are known to be registered for use in aircraft. While a few products are registered specifically for occupied aircraft cabins, most are registered for cargo holds and areas other than cabins. However, some products have labeling which does not specifically state where the product may be applied in the aircraft; such products conceivably could be applied in occupied cabins. To protect the public from possible unreasonable adverse effects from exposure to insecticides applied in occupied aircraft cabins, the Agency is adopting the policy specified in Section III.


The requirements of this Notice apply to any end-use insecticide product registered for disinsecting aircraft.


To prevent unnecessary risks to aircraft passengers, the Agency will not register disinsecting products for use in occupied aircraft cabins unless data submitted and accepted by the Agency demonstrate that the use in occupied aircraft cabins does not pose unreasonable adverse effects to the environment. In addition, EPA will require that all labels of insecticide products registered for aircraft be carefully worded to make clear where the product may or may not be applied.

Registrants of disinsection products with labels that explicitly permit use in occupied cabins and who seek to continue that use must generate data and/or provide relevant information to demonstrate that the use in occupied cabins does not pose unreasonable adverse effects to human health. Such registrants will receive a data call-in within 90 days from issuance of this Notice. The Agency expects that such a data call-in will include requests for information on both the risks associated with use of insecticide products in occupied aircraft cabins and the benefits associated with such use. Alternatively, a registrant of a product which is registered for use in occupied aircraft cabins may choose one of the following options to eliminate that use of the product and avoid the requirement to submit data:

  1. For products registered for use in aircraft other than in occupied cabins, include in the Directions for Use the statement: "Do not use in aircraft cabins." Remove all contradictory language.
  2. Delete all aircraft uses from the label. Registrants of products which are registered for use in aircraft in areas other than occupied aircraft cabins should assure that their labeling is clear as to where the product may be used and should adopt the labeling statement in Option 1. above as well. Alternatively, a registrant may delete the aircraft use from the product altogether as in Option 2. above.

    The Agency believes that the incremental costs of making the label changes specified above are outweighed by the benefits of ensuring the proper use of these particular registered pesticides.


    Registrants who are subject to this notice and who do not intend to retain a product's use in occupied aircraft cabins should take one of the following actions within 90 days of issuance of this Notice:

    1. Amend the product labeling according to option 1 of Section III of this Notice by submitting an Application for Registration denoting "Notification" on the form (EPA Form 8570-1), a copy of the revised labeling and a certification statement. A photocopy of the EPA application form is acceptable; an original form is not needed. The following certification statement should appear on the application: "Notification of label change per PR Notice 96-3."

      "This notification is consistent with the provision of PR Notice 96-3 and EPA regulations at 40 CFR 152.46, and no other changes have been made to the labeling or the confidential statement of formula of this product. I understand that it is a violation of 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1001 to willfully make any false statement to EPA. I further understand that if this notification is not consistent with the terms of PR Notice 96-3 and 40 CFR 152.46, this product may be in violation of FIFRA and I may be subject to enforcement action and penalties under sections 12 and 14 of FIFRA."

      Changes in label text should be clearly marked so that they can be photocopied. The Agency will screen a Notification within 30 days of receipt and inform the registrant if the submission cannot be processed as a Notification. If the registrant chooses option 1 no other label changes may be made at the same time.

      2. Amend the product labeling delete all aircraft uses (option 2) by submitting an application for amended registration and five copies of the proposed labeling, identifying the requested changes. The application for amendment must be accepted by the Agency prior to sale or distribution of the product with the amended label.

      If no response is received within 90 days for any insecticide product on the attached list or which otherwise bears aircraft use, EPA will issue a data call-in to the registrant of that product or any other insecticide spray product which can reasonably be interpreted to be used in occupied aircraft.

      Final printed labeling must be submitted as part of the amendment or notification process, or separately in accordance with PR Notice 82-2, before the product with the revised label may be distributed in commerce.

      Products covered by this Notice, but found not to be in compliance, may be subject to cancellation or enforcement action as appropriate.


      All insecticides within the scope of the Notice distributed or sold by registrants and supplemental registrants should bear labeling which is consistent with this Notice by October 1, 1997. All products distributed or sold by persons other than registrants or supplemental registrants after October 1, 1999 should bear revised labeling required by this Notice. Products which do not comply with these dates are subject to enforcement action under FIFRA sections 12 and 14.


      Notifications should be sent to:

      For US Postal Service Submissions:

      Document Processing Desk (NOTIF) Office of Pesticide Programs (7504C) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 401 M Street, S.W. Washington, D.C. 20460-0001

      For Courier Deliveries:

      Document Processing Desk (NOTIF) Office of Pesticide Programs (7504C) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Room 266A, Crystal Mall 2 1921 Jefferson Davis Highway Arlington, VA 22202

      Amendments should be sent to the same addresses, but use the distribution code "(AMEND)" rather than the "(NOTIF)" after "Document Processing Desk".


      If you have questions regarding this Notice, contact Jim Downing of the Labeling Unit, Registration Division, Registration Support Branch at (703) 308-8641.

                                         Stephen L. Johnson, Director
                                         Registration Division (7505C)

                                ATTACHMENT A

      Listing of Insecticide Products Used in Aircraft

      Registration # Product Name

      279-3070 Cynoff WP Insecticide
      279-3081 Cynoff EC Insecticide
      279-3085 Cynoff WSB Insecticide
      279-3092 Flee Insecticide
      279-3109 Cynoff 50 WP Insecticide
      279-3117 Cynoff WSB Insecticide
      279-3127 Biflex 5 T Insecticide
      334-311 Cherry Konk Insect Killer
      334-364 Cherry Blossom Plonk Insect Killer
      334-386 HY-T Mettered Insectide Aersol
      334-518 Pest-Ban Stream Res. and Contact Insecticide
      334-545 Bendiocide
      432-566 SBP-1382/Chlorpyrifos Transp. Emul. Spray 0.05%
      432-567 SBP-1382/Chlorpyrifos Transp. Emul. Dilutable Co
      432-568 Ultratec Insect/W SBP-1382/ Chlorpyrios Trans.EM
      432-589 Chlorpyrifos/Esbiothrin Insect. Trans.Emul.Spray
      432-624 Chlorpyrifos Transparent Emulsion spray 0.05%
      432-646 Chlorpyrifos Transparent Emulsion spray 0.25%
      432-651 Chlorpyrifos Transparent Emul. Press. Spray .05
      432-652 Chlorpyrifos/Esbiothrin Trans. Emul. Press. Spray
      432-654 Chlorpyrifos/Esbio. Trans. Emul.Press. Spray .25%
      432-655 Ulratec Insect. W/SBP-1382/Bioall. Transp. Emul.
      432-656 Chlorpyrifos Trans. Emul. Press. Spray 0.02%
      432-658 Chlorpyrifos/Esbio. Trans. Emul. Spray 0.25%+0.0
      432-659 Ultratec Insect. W/Chlorop./Esbio. Trans. Emul.
      432-660 Ultratec Insect. W/Chloropyrifos 25%
      432-665 SBP-1382 Insect. Trans. Emuls. Press. Spray .25
      432-666 SBP-1382 Insect. Trans. Emul. Press. Spray 0.3%
      432-676 Chloropyr./Pyrethrins/ Piperonyl Butoxide Transp.
      432-680 Chloropyr./Pyrethrins/ Piperonyl Butoxide Transp.
      432-681 Ultratec Insect.W/Chloropyrifos/Pyreth/PipBut./Tr
      432-733 Cyper- Active 2.14 EC
      432-755 Saga WP Insecticide
      432-758 Cypermethrin 40 WP
      432-760 Saga WSB
      432-763 K-Othrine SC 5.0 Insecticide
      475-307 Insecticide Aersol D-Phenothrin 2%
      499-147 Whitmire PT 270 Dursban
      499-154 Whitmire PT 575 Pyrethrum
      499-156 Whitmire PT 260 Diazon
      499-169 Whitmire Pt 550 Resmethrin Insect Fogger
      499-182 Whitmire PT 565
      499-205 Whitmire PT 555
      499-220 Whitmire Perma-Dust PT 240
      499-221 Whitmire PT 3-6-10 Aero-Cide
      499-233 Whitmire PT 230 TRI-DIE
      499-228 PT 265A Knox Out Micro Encap. Diazinon
      499-230 Whitmire PT 280 With Orthene
      499-232 Whitmire PT 263 Knox Out
      499-233 Whitmire PT 170 X-Clude
      499-235 Whitmire PT 170A X-Clude
      499-236 Whitmire PT 252
      499-237 Whitmire PT 271
      499-241 Whitmiere PT 120 Sumth. Aerosol Gen.
      499-242 Whitmire PT 253 Baygon
      499-245 Whitmire PT 14 Dairy and Farm Insect
      499-268 Whitmire Regulator PT 430
      499-271 Whitmire PT 400 Ultraban Brand Flea Kil. Ins
      499-272 Whitmire PT 265A Knox Out Plus
      499-275 Whitmire PT 265A Knox Out Pus II
      499-281 Whitmire PT 265 PC Plus Syner. Pyrethrum
      499-285 PT 565 Plus Pyrethrum
      499-289 Whitmire Pt 259 Baygon Res. Inj. Sys.
      499-290 Whitmire Pt 565 WB Pyethrin Insect Fogger
      499-291 Whitmire Sumithrin ME.
      499-292 Whitmire PT 279 Engage Res. Injec. Sys.
      499-295 Whitmire PT 567
      499-297 Whitmire PT 122 Sumithrin
      499-298 Whitmire Avert PT 300A Press. Bait
      499-304 Whitmire Optem PT 600 Microencap.
      499-310 Whitmire PT 566 Pyrethrum
      499-313 Whitmire PT 566 HC Insect Fogger
      499-315 Whitmire PT 273A
      499-317 Whitmire 1-6 Insecticide
      499-321 Whitmire PT 120-3
      499-322 Whitmire Avert PT 300 Press. Bait
      499-328 Whitmire PT18H Dairy and Farm Insect Fog.
      499-329 Whitmire PT 555 XLO Contact Insecticide
      499-330 Whitmire TKO Microencp. Diazinon PT 265
      499-331 Whitmire PT 21H Dairy Farm Insect Fogger
      499-359 P/P Residual Ant + Roach Spray No. 2
      499-365 Whitmire PT 412 Ultraguard Flea Growth Reg.
      499-371 Whitmire PT 120 XLO Sumith. Contact Insect.
      499-378 Whitmire PT 150 XLO Pyrethrum Contact Insect.
      499-379 Whitmire PT 479 Regulator
      499-381 Whitmire PT 175
      499-413 Whitmire TC 100 Interin
      507-3 Timsen
      527-128 Hydro-Cide Residual
      655-489 Prentox Pyronyl Crop Spray
      769-607 R & M Insect Spray W/Resmethrin/Dursban
      769-649 SMCP Emulsif. 10-1 Pyrenone Concentrate
      769-780 AFC Esbiol 35
      875-158 Oxford Super Brand Insect. Concentrate
      875-161 Oxford Supercide Brand
      1021-1340 MGK Formula 7243
      1021-1382 Insecticide Aerosol D-Phenothrin 2%
      1270-217 ZEP Flush N'Kill
      1685-94 State Formula 401 Ready Kill W/Dursban
      2155-127 KR-24
      3125-344 Baygon 0.5% Aqueous Insecticide
      3125-372 Tempo 2
      3125-377 Tempo 20 WP In Water Soluble Packets
      3125-380 Tempo 20 WP
      3125-429 Tempo 0.1% Dust Insecticide
      4077-105 ORB #101A Industrial Insect.
      4077-106 ORB #116A Total Release Insect Fogger
      4581-335 Knox Out 2 FM
      4758-154 F-Q-S Crack & Crevise Spray
      4816-687 Turbocide Pest Control Sys W/DDVP
      4816-688 Permanone Multi-Purpose 10% E.C.
      4816-694 Synthrin Dursban Aqueous Residual Spray
      4816-707 Kicker E. C.
      4816-728 Tetraperm Crawling Insect Killer
      4822-183 Raid formula 5249 Multi-Purpose Bug Killer
      5011-158 Residual Concentrate
      5602-165 V-One
      5602-201 Hub States Corporation/V-73
      5602-204 Hub States Residual Crack & Crevise
      6175-49 Indoor Flea and Tick Spray W/Cholor. and Fortif.
      6959-73 Cessco ID Residual Insecticide
      7234-151 Aquatox R. C. Residual Spray
      9250-30 United 481 Ground Zero
      9444-5 CB Purge Insecticide
      9444-20 Purge Instant Fogger
      9444-33 Purge III Ind. Type Insect Killer
      9444-91 Purge Dursban Crack & Crevise Insecticide
      9444-92 Baygon Crack & Crevise Insecticide
      9444-93 Dursban Crack & Crevise Insecticide
      9444-94 Purge Baygon Crack & Crevise Prof. Insecticide
      9444-95 Diazinon Crack & Crevise Insecticide
      9444-128 System 22 Insecticide W/Cypermethrin
      9444-158 Purge III
      9444-163 Purge Insecticide
      9591-124 Pro Kill Expel Roach and Ant Killer
      10182-105 Demon EC Insecticide
      10182 106 Demon 3E Insecticide
      10182-129 Commodore EC Insecticide
      10182-282 Commodore 10WP Insecticide
      10182-342 Commodore WP Insect. in Water-Soluble Packets
      10182-361 Demand CS Insecticide
      10350-7 Sectrol No.1490 Concen. Microen. Pyrethrins
      10370-59 Ford's Control Plus Roach Spray
      10370-60 Ford's Multi-Purpose Concentrate
      10370-61 Ford's Aquakill Plus Roach Spray
      10370-200 Roach Spray Aerosol
      10370-222 Ford's Ultra S. S. C.-12-2.5
      10807-116 Misty Ant Roach & Spider Residual Insect. W/D
      10807-118 Misty Jet Stream Res. Insect. W/Dursban
      10807-119 Misty Resme./Durs Trans. Emul. Concentrate
      11540-9 ULD BP-100 Insecticide
      11694-91 Duramist
      11715-47 Speer Aircraft Insecticide Aerosol
      11715-65 Speer Insecticide Aerosol D-Phenothrin 2%
      11715-159 Speer E-Z Way Resid. Crack & Crevise Injection
      11715-163 Speer Transp. Emul. Spray 0.1% + 0.5%
      12310-27 Patrol Residual Insecticide
      36488-43 Japanese Beetle Attack
      39398-1 D-Phenothrin 2% Insecticide Aerosol
      39398-2 2% Sumithion Total Release Insect. Aerosol
      44446-51 Renegade
      45036-1 Surrender (Residual Insecticide)
      45385-47 Chem-Tox Dursban Plus Insect Killer
      45639-1 Ficam W
      45639-3 Ficam D
      45639-66 Ficam Plus
      47000-78 CPI Industrial Spray
      47371-89 Formulation AE-90
      47834-3 Heartland Auto-Mist 3 Insect Killer
      47834-5 Heartland Auto-Mist 2 Insect Killer
      50034-1 Endal Residual W/Dursban
      51699-2 Formula No. 15 Bug Killer
      64405-6 RTU Flea Spray
      65636-55 R & M Insect Spray W/Resmethrin/Dursban

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