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Pesticide Registration (PR) Notice 97-8: Time Extension of PR Notice 96-7 - Termiticide Labeling




September 25, 1997

Telephone: (202) 401-0527
Item: 6104

Notice To: Manufacturers, Producers, Formulators, and Registrants of Pesticide Products

Attention: Persons Responsible for the Registration of Pesticide Products

Subject: Time Extension of PR Notice 96-7 - Termiticide Labeling

On October 1, 1996, the Agency issued PR Notice 96-7 concerning
certain labeling statements and product performance for soil treatment
termiticide products. PR Notice 96-7 was intended to bring uniformity to
termiticide labeling. That Notice stated EPA's position that registrants
and supplemental distributors should not distribute or sell product bearing
labeling inconsistent with the Notice after October 1, 1997.

It has been brought to the Agency's attention that many registrants
have stocks of termiticide product which are ready for distribution, but
which will not comply with the labeling requirements by October 1, 1997 as
required in PR Notice 96-7. The Agency also has been informed that
registrants which have obtained an EPA approval for revised labels still do
not have adequate time to relabel their products by the October 1, 1997.
Lastly, a few registrants have submitted labeling in response to PR Notice
96-7 and have not received an EPA approved label.

For these reasons, and to prevent the potential for inadequate
supplies of termiticide products in commerce, EPA intends to grant a 90-day
extension to permit the distribution or sale of products not bearing
labeling consistent with PR Notice 96-7. The Agency is therefore
extending the effective date to January 1, 1998 for all products
distributed or sold by registrants and supplemental registrants to bear
approved labeling which is consistent with PR Notice 96-7 and complies with
the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). This
notice does not change any of the other labeling provision or effective
dates in PR Notice 96-7.

If you wish further information on this notice, you may contact Linda
G. Arrington, Ombudsman, Registration Division, at 703-305-5446, or by
E-mail at Arrington.Linda@epamail.epa.gov.


James J. Jones
Acting Director
Registration Division

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