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Supplemental Environmental Projects Idea Bank

Welcome to Mid-Atlantic Region's Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) Idea Bank. This site is provided as an aid to States, Tribes, and regulated entities in the settlement of environmental enforcement actions. Mid-Atlantic Region serves Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.

A supplemental environmental project (SEP) is a project that produces environmental or public health and safety benefits beyond those required by law, for which a credit may be granted by EPA to offset partially the penalty imposed in the settlement of an enforcement action. 

Mid-Atlantic Region is seeking proposals which might be appropriate for implementation in the settlement of a case.

Appropriate SEP proposals will be posted in the Region's internal SEP Idea Bank, which can only be accessed by EPA Mid-Atlantic Region employees. When violators ask EPA enforcement personnel to suggest SEP ideas for consideration in particular cases, the case team will be able to consult the SEP Idea Bank for relevant SEP ideas. Inclusion of a project in the SEP Bank does not in any way ensure that it will be implemented in a Mid-Atlantic Region case, only that it will be available for consideration. SEP Idea Bank Proposals will be deleted automatically after five years but can be resubmitted for inclusion into the database.

Please consult EPA's Headquarters Supplemental Environmental Project page and important EPA Supplemental Environmental Projects Guidance Documents.

Submit Your Ideas to SEP Idea Bank

See SEP Index for Mid-Atlantic Region. This index shows SEPs completed in the settlement of an enforcement action.

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