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Index of Supplemental Environmental Projects

All SEP information through 12/2008

A supplemental environmental project (SEP) is a project that produces environmental or public health and safety benefits beyond those required by law, for which a credit may be granted by EPA to offset partially the penalty imposed in the settlement of an enforcement action. 

The Index is divided into sections pertaining to the applicable Environmental Statute:

The SEP Index is provided as an aid to users and does not represent a list of approved or recommended SEPs. The applicability of a proposed SEP to settlement of an enforcement action is determined by the Interim Revised SEP Policy, and inclusion of any SEP in a settlement of a federal enforcement action is at the discretion of US EPA. Further, the category of SEP, estimated costs, and periods of performance of SEPs included in this database are based on the circumstances of the specific projects and may not represent category, costs or periods of performance for similar projects. 

EPA Head Quarters SEP website has additional information including Final Supplemental Environmental Projects Policy (SEPs Policy) and provides links to their National list of SEPs which contains some of the more significant cases and settlements involving the US Environmental Protection Agency from 1998 to the present time.

Mid-Atlantic Region is seeking proposals which might be appropriate for implementation in the settlement of a case.  Submit Your Ideas to SEP Idea Bank

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