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Midwest Natural Resources Group (MNRG)

Member Agencies

US Army Corps of Engineers: Great Lakes and Ohio River Division, Mississippi Valley Division, Northwestern Division

BIA logo

Bureau of Indian Affairs: Midwest Region, Great Plains Region

BLM logo

Bureau of Land Management: Milwaukee Field Office, Montana/Dakotas State Office

CG logo

Coast Guard: Eighth District, Ninth District

EPA logo

US Environmental Protection Agency: Region 5

FSA logo

USDA Farm Service Agency

FAA logo

Federal Aviation AdministrationFEMA logo

Federal Emergency Management Agency: Region V

FHA logo

Federal Highway Administration: Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division, Central Federal Lands Highway Division

FWS logo

Fish and Wildlife Service: Midwest Region

FS logo

Forest Service: Eastern Region

USGS logo

US Geological Survey

NOAA logo

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NPS logo

National Park Service

NRCS logo

Natural Resources Conservation Service

MNRG was formally established in 1998 as a forum for Federal agency senior executives to obtain proactive coordination of activities and to clearly establish the proper role of each Federal bureau with the Midwest, including the Upper Mississippi River, Missouri River, Ohio River and the Great Lakes watersheds. The MNRG aims to achieve this overarching goal through enhanced communications, coordination and collaboration on mutually recognized resource issues and by providing timely interagency assistance where needed.

Working together, the agencies represented by this group are committed to bringing results to the American public in the communities, towns, and farms of the Midwest.

Root River Stewardship Council - ongoing collaborative project


Overview map of MNRG watersheds

MNRG watersheds overview map
 Detroit-St. Clair River watershed  Ohio River watershed (outside MNRG)
 Fox River-Green Bay watershed  Ozark Plateau watershed (inside MNRG)
 Great Lakes watershed  Ozark Plateau watershed (outside MNRG)
 Illinois River watershed  Saginaw River-Bay watershed
 Minnesota River watershed  Saint Croix watershed
 Missouri River watershed (inside MNRG)  Southern Lake Erie watershed
 Missouri River waterhsed (outside MNRG)  Southern Lake Michigan Crescent watershed
 Ohio River watershed (inside MNRG)  Upper Mississippi River watershed

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