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Region 7 Brownfields Contacts

If you have questions regarding specific pilot projects within Region 7, please direct your inquiries to contacts listed under each individual type of fact sheet:

For general inquiries, please contact the Regional Brownfields staff listed below or call toll free: 1-800-223-0425. Our Brownfields mailing address is:

Brownfields Staff:

Stanley Walker
Brownfields Program Branch Chief
Phone: 913-551-7494
E-mail: walker.stanley@epa.gov

Susan Klein
Regional Brownfields Coordinator
Phone: 913-551-7786
E-mail: klein.susan@epa.gov

Deborah Kennedy
State Response Coordinator (Iowa)
Phone: 913-551-7628
E-mail: kennedy.deborah@epa.gov

Devin Pollock
State Response Coordinator (Kansas)
Phone: 913-551-7275
E-mail: pollock.devin@epa.gov

Whitney Rawls
State Response Coordinator (Missouri)
Phone: 913-551-7678
E-mail: rawls.whitney@epa.gov

Jennifer Morris
State Response Coordinator (Nebraska)
Tribal Response Program
Phone: 913-551-7341
E-mail: morris.jennifer@epa.gov

Ina Square
Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training Program
Phone: 913-551-7357
E-mail: square.ina@epa.gov

Todd H. Davis
Targeted Brownfields Assessment Program
Phone: 913-551-7749
E-mail: davis.toddh@epa.gov


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