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Composting Publications from MoDNR Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer
The Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) is responsible for preserving Missouri's resources. MoDNR maintains an impressive list of publications on topics including environmental policy, permitting, composting and recycling among many others.


Land Quality and Waste Management Assistance Division Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer
Iowa is still working toward a 50 percent statewide diversion goal, and with 46 percent of the landfilled materials being organic, concentrating on reducing organics in the landfills will help to achieve this goal and beyond.


Kansas Department of Health and Environment's Kansas - Don't Spoil It! Program composting page Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer
Kansas - Don't Spoil It! (KDSI) aims to keep the Kansas environment top-of-mind so that every Kansan will do what's needed to "keep it clean" to minimize the amount of waste entering the environment. Their goal is to teach citizens of Kansas how to make a difference in a variety of easy and meaningful ways. Their composting Web page provides a well-organized and easy to follow program for composting.

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