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Pacific Southwest, Region 9

Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

Federal Regional Council

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The Federal Regional Council (FRC) of the Pacific Southwest/Region 9 is a consortium of 22 federal departments and agencies representing approximately 60 different programs working in partnership to better serve the public. The geographical area of Region 9 is comprised of Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and the outer Pacific Islands. The goal of the FRC is to work in a coordinated manner to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of federal programs within Region 9.


The FRC grew out of the regional Federal Interagency Welfare Reform Task Force, established by the Department of Health and Human Services in 1996, to meet the challenges of welfare reform. This experience demonstrated that various federal agencies become more effective when working together. The FRC was then established in November 1998. Over the years, the FRC’s collaborative efforts have resulted in improved working relationships, stronger partnerships and more effective programs that serve the public.

Past Meetings

Honolulu, HI, April 14, 2014
Co-hosted by the Hawaii Federal Executive Board Exiting EPA (disclaimer), this meeting discussed topics of interest to federal agencies in Hawaii, decided which of these ideas to focus on during an upcoming September FRC meeting and identified next steps.

Santa Rosa, CA, May 1, 2014
Held in conjunction with EPA Region 9’s Spring Regional Tribal Operations Committee (RTOC) meeting, the FRC is invited to participate in an informal dialogue with tribal representatives and EPA management over lunch.

Sacramento, CA, May 16, 2014
This meeting was held in conjunction with the NOAA-led Drought Forum Exiting EPA (disclaimer) May 15-16 and included a discussion on federal grant opportunities with HUD and DOT. The FRC convened individually to share information on activities around the drought and discuss ways to reduce water consumption and strengthen long-term preparedness and resilience.

Phoenix, AZ, June 17, 2014
This meeting was held in conjunction with the Western Regional Partnership (WRP) Exiting EPA (disclaimer) Principals meeting June 17-18. The FRC discussed topics of interest, including support to tribes and siting renewable energy on federal and tribal lands.

Los Angeles, CA, July 29, 2014
This meeting was co-hosted by the LA Federal Executive Board Exiting EPA (disclaimer). The FRC discussed opportunities to support the drought and ways to reduce water consumption and strengthen long-term preparedness and resilience.

San Diego, CA, August 7, 2014
This FRC meeting was held in conjunction with the U.S.-Mexico Border Health Commission's conference Exiting EPA (disclaimer) "Power of Collaboration" and focused on U.S.-Mexico Border efforts, as well as the Federal Green Challenge, environmental health and addressing the drought.

Honolulu, HI, September 9, 2014
This meeting was held in conjunction with the U.S. Coral Reef Task Force. Exiting EPA (disclaimer) Following up from the April FRC meeting in Honolulu, this meeting discussed unique challenges and opportunities to HI and the Pacific Islands, such as addressing climate change impacts.

Sacramento, CA, October 15, 2014
This meeting was held in conjunction with EPA's Annual Tribal Conference Exiting EPA (disclaimer) which brought together more than 500 participants from tribal nations from Arizona, California and Nevada. FRC members participated in a joint Tribal leader's roundtable session for an informal discussion with tribes and federal agencies.

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The FRC is comprised of senior leadership from the following federal departments and agencies:

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Much of the work of the FRC is structured through the following committees: Tribal Affairs, U.S.-Mexico Border and Outer Pacific. These committees develop recommendations around issues that arise in these broad areas within Region 9.

Tribal Affairs Committee

This Committee strives to enhance interagency collaboration on tribal matters, while improving channels of communication with tribal leaders and program directors. This group maximizes limited resources through coordination and partnerships with one another, as well as with tribes.

U.S.-Mexico Border Committee

This Committee coordinates federal agencies involved in programs and activities around the U.S.-Mexico Border, primarily in the federal government Region 9 geographic area, which includes California and Arizona. This group focuses on issues on both sides of the border and shares resources in improving the coordination of addressing key issues around the border.

Outer Pacific Community

The Outer Pacific Committee deals with issues related to the three U.S. Flag Territories of Guam, American Samoa and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI); and the three freely associated states of the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands and Palau. The Outer Pacific Committee has met regularly since 1998. By convening the participating Federal agencies, the Committee believes it can achieve better outcomes for the people in the Pacific jurisdictions. The Committee's publishes an annual report of their grants, which include the following:


For further information, or to participate in a FRC meeting, contact Trina Martynowicz (martynowicz.trina@epa.gov).

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