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In 2014, EPA SmartWay marks ten years of supporting the goods movement industry.  This web page, SmartWay Ten, features a series of special content, highlighting the progress SmartWay and its partners have made over the past ten years - and our shared goals for working together in the future. 

SmartWay Ten will be updated on a monthly basis, so bookmark and check out the page regularly!

This month, the focus is on SmartWay Affiliates and the Power of Networking! SmartWay Affiliates are the "boots on the ground" supporters of the SmartWay program. There are many types of Affiliates ranging from nonprofit/member organizations to dealerships and leasing companies that sell SmartWay Designated tractors and trailers. SmartWay Affiliates share best practices and strategies through the power of networking to promote the mission and goals of SmartWay.

On April 23rd, at the Affiliate Challenge Virtual Awards Ceremony, SmartWay will announce and recognize an elite group of Affiliates who completed a specific set of activities in support of the SmartWay program in 2013-2014.

"You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more."

SmartWay 10 Monthly Themes

"The goals of the SmartWay Transport Partnership to reduce transportation-related emissions by improving supply chain fuel efficiency are part of Penske's DNA. Penske Truck Leasing and Rental is committed to assisting our customers in setting and achieving their SmartWay goals, ultimately helping them improve fleet efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and in turn, reduce costs.
Andrew Cullen, Penske Truck Leasing Co., L. P., Vice President Fuels and Telecommunications

"The SmartWay program is a great synergy to our coalition's efforts to help fleets reduce their petroleum consumption and fueling costs. It helps strengthen our impact in Wisconsin."

Lorrie Lisek, Executive Director of Wisconsin Clean Cities.

"Since its launch, SmartWay has been a great example of the government working with private industry toward a common goal."

Bill Graves, ATA President and CEO

"CSCMP is very proud and honored to be a SmartWay Affiliate. We are confident we can help improve the transportation industry's outlook today and well into the future by working together. Everyone at CSCMP has enjoyed our long-term relationship with SmartWay and we're looking forward to supporting the SmartWay program however we can in the coming years."

Jim Schulze CSCMP, Director of Operations and CSCMP SmartWay Liaison

Congratulations 2014
SmartWay Affiliate Challenge Honorees!

The commitment and enthusiasm of SmartWays' Affiliates raises program awareness and supports EPA's mission of protecting human health and the environment.

To highlight the valuable role of Affiliates in the SmartWay program, EPA acknowledges those Affiliates that exemplify exceptional recruiting, outreach and educational activities as SmartWay Affiliate Challenge honorees. The full list of honorees will be announced on April 23, 2014. The honorees are comprised of retail, freight and supply chain member associations, state and local governments, environmental groups and tractor/trailer leasing groups. Join us on April 23rd as we recognize our 2014 SmartWay Affiliate Challenge Honorees!

This Month's Webinars

Affiliate Challenge Awards Ceremony and Round Table

Join us for a Virtual Affiliate Challenge Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, April 23, 2014, and help us recognize the 2014 Affiliate Challenge honorees. Toward the end of the month, all Affiliates are invited to participate in an Affiliate Round Table.

SmartWay Affiliate Challenge Virtual Awards Ceremony
Webinar Description:  You are invited to join us for the SmartWay Affiliate Challenge Virtual Awards Ceremony. Cheryl Bynum, National Director for the SmartWay and Supply Chain Program will present awards to 2014 challenge recipients.  Our featured speakers will include several of this year's SmartWay Affiliate Challenge honorees who will share their innovative recruiting, promotional, and marketing  strategies  that have achieved results in encouraging more companies  to learn about and join the SmartWay program. You won’t want to miss this presentation.

When:  Wednesday, April 23rd @ 2:30 pm Eastern Time
To register for this SmartWay 10 webinar, please go the following link:
https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/340247834Exit EPA Disclaimer

SmartWay Affiliate Round Table
Webinar Description:  All Affiliates are asked to participate in an Affiliate Round Table. Find out how Affiliates across the country drum up innovative and creative ways to encourage their members to learn more about the SmartWay program. Learn from their success stories.  Find tips, advice and noteworthy ideas from others who have achieved positive results using SmartWay Affiliate resources.  

We will also kick off next year’s Affiliate Challenge! You won’t want to miss this networking opportunity!

When:  Wednesday, April 30th @ 2:30 pm Eastern Time
To register for this event, please go the following link:
https://epa.connectsolutions.com/sw10affiliate/event/registration.htmlExit EPA Disclaimer

Automatic tire inflation systems can save tire maintenance costs and improve fuel economy by nearly 1 percent, saving 100 gallons of fuel and eliminating 1 metric ton of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

Synthetic lubricants in the engine crankcase, rear axle, and transmission can improve fuel economy by about 3 percent, saving nearly 485 gallons of fuel and eliminating 5 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions for a typical combination truck each year.

Using a streamlined-profile tractor with aerodynamic devices can improve fuel economy by over 3 percent and will reduce fuel costs by over $2,000. When adding an aerodynamic trailer, you can get up to an 11 percent increase in fuel economy, saving 16 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Learn about Fuel-Saving Technologies

EPA has evaluated the fuel saving benefits of various devices through grants, cooperative agreements, emissions and fuel economy testing, demonstration projects and technical literature review.

Learn more about SmartWay Fuel-Saving Tehcnologies by reading the following Technical Bulletins:

Click here to learn more about SmartWay Designated Tractors and Trailers (make sure to go to the “Tractors/Trailers” tab):

I-Spy SmartWay - Photos Wanted!

As part of EPA’s I-Spy SmartWay challenge, you are invited to submit digital photos of the SmartWay logo in action! All SmartWay partners, affiliates, stakeholders, equipment manufacturers and community members are invited to participate!
Photos and images of the SmartWay brand, the partnership logo, the certification mark for passenger cars and designated mark for heavy duty applications, and package labeling will all be accepted!    
Wherever you see the SmartWay logo,
take a snapshot and send it in! As part of commemorating SmartWay's 10-year anniversary, we will use your photos to create special montage that we will share online and in other media later this year!  

Send photos to Marcia Turkington: turkington.marcia@epa.gov,

This Month's Webinar

SmartWay 10th Anniversary Webinar
Advancing Technologies

Webinar Description:  Join us for this webcast discussion of upcoming SmartWay Designated Specifications for SmartWay labeled tractors and trailers and the newest in regards to testing protocols.  This webinar is part of a series highlighting the progress and future direction that SmartWay and its partners are taking since the partnership was launched ten years ago!

When:  Wednesday, March 26th @ 2:30 pm Eastern Time

To register for this SmartWay 10 webinar, please go the following link:


About the SmartWay Logo


  • The partnership logo is available to partners as a way to identify their commitment to achieving greater freight efficiency through their participation in SmartWay, and can be found in company and organization marketing, business-to-business promotional materials, and advertising.
  • The SmartWay certification and designated logos are applied and often seen on qualifying cars and trucks.
  • The SmartWay brand logo is used by EPA and affiliates in their promotional materials, websites, sustainability reports, and other communications media.





Take the SmartWay 10th Technology Word Search

Image of first screen of SmartWay Word Search.

Test Your Knowledge about SmartWay technologies by completing this short word search!

SmartWay Advancing Technology Word Search (PDF)



Join us in the coming months as we mark the 10 years of SmartWay and look ahead to see what's around the corner…

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

– Margaret Meade
"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

– Hellen Keller
" Leadership must come from all of us -- the private, public, and civil sectors."

- Eric Lowitt, The Collaboration Economy: How to Meet Business, Social, and Environmental Needs and Gain Competitive Adv

SmartWay Charter Partner Ten Year Reunion:  A Time to Reflect & Set New Goals!

Charter Partner Photo 2.JPG

Former U.S. EPA Administrator Christine Todd-Whitman is depicted with SmartWay Charter Parter company representatives. 

SmartWay Charter Partners

  • American Trucking Associations
  • Business for Social Responsibility
  • Canon USA Inc.
  • Coca-Cola Enterprises
  • CSX Transportation
  • FedEx Express Corporation
  • H-E-B
  • IKEA North America
  • Interface, Inc.
  • Nike, Inc.
  • Norm Thompson Outfitters
  • Schneider National, Inc.
  • Swift Transportation Company, Inc.
  • The Home Depot
  • UPS
  • YRC Worldwide, Inc.

SmartWay honors and acknowledges the SmartWay Charter Partners.  During 2002 - 2003, these freight transportation sector leaders shared and supported the initial vision for the Partnership by assisting with program development and launch.

This Month's Webinar

SmartWay Tenth Anniversary: SmartWay Charter Partners share freight management strategies that make a difference!

Webinar Description:  Join us for this webcast where a special panel of EPA's SmartWay Charter Partners will share the strategies and best practices their organizations are using to improve freight efficiencies - and their bottom line. The fifteen Charter Partners were freight transportation sector leaders:  companies and associations that shared and supported the initial vision for the SmartWay Transport Partnership by assisting with program development and launch. This webinar is part of a series highlighting the progress and future direction that SmartWay and its partners are taking since the partnership was launched ten


  • Glen Kedzie, American Trucking Associations
  • Meredith Wieta, Canon USA, Inc.
  • Alison Bird, FedEx Express
  • Ryan McKinney, The Home Depot U.S.A., Inc


Featured Charter Partner Profiles

Logo for FedEx Express, a SmartWay Chartner Partner

SmartWay Charter Partner FedEx Express Saves Fuel, Improves Sustainability (PDF) (1 page, EPA-420-F-14-004, February, 2014)

Logo for Canon, a SmartWay Charter Partner

SmartWay Charter Partner Canon and Its Transportation Providers Collaborate to Achieve CO2 Reduction Goals (PDF) (1 page, EPA-420-F-14-005, February, 2014)

Take the SmartWay 10th Anniversary Online Quiz

Image of first screen of SmartWay Interactive Quiz.

Test Your Knowledge about SmartWay by taking this short interactive quiz!

Take the quiz! Exit EPA Disclaimer



Join us in the coming months as we mark the 10 years of SmartWay and look ahead to see what's around the corner…

Where did SmartWay begin?

When SmartWay began in 2004, the freight sector had been dependent on years of cheap energy (diesel was $1.75 a gallon!), but the marketplace was evolving and awareness of climate change was growing rapidly.  Business, industry and government leaders were looking for ways to adapt to a more demanding marketplace, with new challenges, risks and opportunities.

    This is a chart of SmartWay Partner Performance Trends from 2007 to 2013 based on Metric Tons of CO2

How did we get here?

Industry leaders came together, to sit down with EPA in 2002-2003 and identify new ways to improve efficiency, reduce costs and emissions, and improve the working relationship between freight shippers and carriers, as well as with government.  The idea for a freight sustainability partnership was developed and SmartWay was launched in 2004.

Who made SmartWay work?

The American Trucking Associations and Business for Social Responsibility brought key shippers and carriers to the table. They agreed to work with and advise EPA on a market-based partnership with a strong business case. Partners were looking for better ways identify fuel saving technologies and operational practices and to be recognized for their achievements.

EPA agreed to facilitate a public-private collaboration which became the platform for the exchange of data and best practices that would help business to save fuel and reduce costs, while benefiting the environment by reducing emissions and the nation’s dependence on petroleum in this vital economic sector.

Where is SmartWay Today?

  • The SmartWay program includes about 3,000 leading freight shippers, carriers, affiliates, and rail and logistics firms, including Fortune 500 firms and small businesses and operators.  These partners represent key economic sectors such as retail, manufacturing, food and beverage, and consumer goods, among others – sectors which serve as the foundation of the economy. 
  • The SmartWay Technology Verification Program provides credible, neutral third-party assessment of fuel saving and emission reducing technologies, and provides for SmartWay Tractor and Trailer designations which help industry to identify equipment which will best suit their needs.
  • SmartWay covers the trucking and rail sectors in the U.S. and Canada, and is being replicated in other countries, like Mexico, China and in Europe.

Where will SmartWay go from Here?

  • EPA is working to develop and enhance the SmartWay Transport Partnership in new and exciting ways, with new partner offerings and projects, more visibility and better opportunities to engage.
  • EPA is working to expand the partnership to cover other modes of the freight supply chain and better enable SmartWay partners to quantify and benchmark their transportation supply chain.
  • EPA is engaging with counterparts in other countries and regions to share best practices and information to build the capacity for these countries to design, build, and implement programs like SmartWay and harmonize these efforts in ways that benefit the partners and stakeholders an the global environment.

Join us in the coming months as we mark the 10 years of SmartWay and look ahead to see what's around the corner…

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SmartWay offers a range of resources that provide more information about SmartWay and its activities.

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