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Assistive Technology GraphicGuidance for Utilizing CAP at EPA

EPA is a partner in the Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP) within the Department of Defense. CAP is the Federal Government's centrally funded accommodations program.

Once a request for reasonable accommodation has been made and approved, and the approved accommodation includes information technology, the EPA employee/supervisor should follow the below guidance:

  1. Once it is determined that the employee requires information technology as a reasonable accommodation, the employee and supervisor should contact the AGENCY's Point of Contact (POC) for CAP. EPA's Reasonable Accommodations Coordinator is William Haig and he can be reached at 202-564-7959. Through CAP, EPA can acquire information technology for reasonable accommodations at no cost. The CAP POC can assist the employee/supervisor in completing the necessary forms and providing the necessary justification and medical support.

  2. If needed, CAP can provide a needs assessment. Often the employee has already been using assistive tools for their job duties and doesn't require the assessment.

  3. If an assessment is necessary, the CAP team works with the employee to research available technology solutions. The employee can visit CAPTEC, located at the Pentagon, to actually try out or see the different types of technology available.

  4. The CAP office reviews the completed request form to ensure all necessary information is present and, if approved, completes the acquisition process to obtain the accommodation. CAP does not provide EPA money to procure the item.

  5. The EPA POC with CAP can work with the employee/supervisor, and office IT/LAN manager and CAP to ensure the equipment and tools being provided by CAP are delivered to the proper office/location in EPA.

  6. If configuration services are also requested, once CAP has provided the equipment and solutions for the user, the CAP service provider and the on-site EPA IT/LAN manager, in the office where the employee will work, can coordinate a setup date for the users PC and tools.

  7. The EPA POC, and/or IT/LAN manager may request services from DSDB which may include testing and technical advice on information technologies and their integration into standard EPA software and hardware. Please contact:

  8. Elaine Davis at 202-564-1461
    Mail Stop - 2832T

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