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508 Compliance Toolkit

Toolkit Table of Contents

The 508 Compliance Toolkit (full title, "Meeting Section 508 Electronic and Information Technology Requirements: A Toolkit for Ensuring Compliance") provides suggestions, standards, links, and resources to consider or use while planning and developing a variety of projects that involve electronic and information technology (EIT). This toolkit provides the guidance needed to integrate 508 into your project life cycle from the very beginning.

Print Version of Entire 508 Toolkit (PDF) (18 pp, 250K, About PDF)

Table of Contents

Toolkit Overview

What is Section 508?
What is the Link between Section 508 and Quality Assurance?
What is the difference between Section 508 and providing reasonable accommodations to a person with a disability?
How does this Toolkit help with Section 508 requirements for EIT?
What about contracts, purchase orders, micro-purchases and Section 508?
How to Use the Toolkit

Getting Started with the 508 Toolkit

  1. Is the Product or Service Electronic and Information Technology?
  2. Do any Section 508 Exceptions Apply?
  3. Will the EIT pose an Undue Burden to the AGENCY?
  4. What Section 508 Standards Apply to the Product or Service?

Web sites and Web-based Applications (Including Web 2.0 Technology)

Life Cycle Project Plan Outline

Additional Section 508 Resources

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