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MOFAT is a two-dimensional, finite element model for simulating coupled multiphase flow and multi-component transport in planar or radically symmetric vertical sections. MOFAT evaluates flow and transport for water, nonaqueous-phase liquid (NAPL), and gas. The program also can be used when gas or NAPL phases are absent in part or from all of the domain. The flow module can analyze two-phase flow of water and NAPL in a system of constant gas pressure, or explicit three phase flow of water. The transport module can accommodate up to five components, partitioning among water, NAPL, gas, and solid phases, assuming local equilibrium inter-phase mass transfer or first-order kinetically controlled mass transfer.


Version 2.0
Release Date May 1991
Development Status general release
Development Information  
Operating System UNIX, DOS
Development Language  
Intended Audience  
Key Words  
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Minimum System Requirements

This system was designed to run under DOS on an IBM PC, XT, AT, PS2, or compatible computer. Graphics capability is not required, but is highly recommended because most programs will produce graphics output. Graphics support is provided for the Hercules graphics card, the CGA, and the EGA. At least 512 KB of RAM is required, but 640 KB is recommended. An arithmetic co-processor chip is strongly recommended due to the computationally intensive nature of the programs, but is not required for use. Programs may be run from floppy diskette; however, a fixed disk is required to use the programs from the system menu. The system storage requirement is approximately 3 MB.


Unzipping SoftwareExit EPA disclaimer

You will need unzipping (compression) software to uncompress ZIP files. If you need to load unzipping software on your computer, free software is available for download on the internet at the following sites:

Program and installation files (ZIP) (362 Kb)

US EPA. (1991) "MOFAT: A Two-Dimensional Finite Element Program for Multi-Phase Flow and Multi-Component Transport, Program Documentation and User’s Guide." Publication No. EPA/600/2-91/020.

Installation Instructions

  1. Refer to the user’s manual for further instructions.
  2. Go to Windows Explorer and create a directory named MOFAT.
  3. Download the program and installation files to the new directory.
  4. From the new directory, run the program and installation files by double-clicking on the file (compression software required).
  5. Unzip the files to the new directory.
  6. Download and review the user’s manual for instructions on running the model.
  7. Before running the MOFAT2.EXE program, a file must be copied at the DOS prompt as follows:
    • If your computer's RAM size is equal to or greater than 4 MB and less than 8 MB, then copy 4MBRAM.BLK MOFAT.BLK.
    • If your computer's RAM size is equal to or greater than 8 MB, then copy 8MBRAM.BLK MOFAT.BLK
  8. Start the MOFAT program by double-clicking on the MOFAT2.EXE file.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

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