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Advances in Restoration Science

Advances in Restoration Science is a resource for administrators, managers, researchers, practitioners, and other interested parties. The information guides development of ecosystem restoration needs, issues, and practices. Each issue contains succinct presentations, describing the state of the science, identifying research needs, and presenting advances in restoration knowledge.

Advances in Restoration Sciences, Number 2: Opportunities in Nitrogen Management Research: Improving Applications for Proven Technologies and Identifying New Tools for Managing Nitrogen Flux and Input in Ecosystems – Issue Paper (6 pp, 131 KB) (EPA/600/S-02/003) June 2002

Advances in Restoration Sciences, Number 1: Research Needs in Riparian Buffer Restoration – Issue Paper (7 pp, 140 KB) (EPA/600/S-02/002) June 2002

Manuscripts Invited

If you are active in the field of restoration science, you are invited to submit manuscripts for consideration. Presentations should be technical in nature, but written with a diverse audience in mind.


Issues of Advances in Restoration Science appear irregularly on this Web site. Each issue represents an independently produced package of information that is added to a continuing series of papers. Presentations are formatted as EPA issue papers and are edited for content by personnel from EPA’s the Ground Water and Ecosystem Restoration Division.

Submitted manuscripts should not exceed 20 double-spaced pages (12-point font, including figures and tables). Appropriateness of subject matter and presentation for the series will be evaluated by the editors. Final printed documents will follow standard EPA guidelines for format and print quality. Each accepted paper will appear as an individual issue paper. Individual papers will be subtitled by authors under the series name (Advances in Restoration Science); the citation to the paper will be formatted as follows:

Doe, J. (2009). “Advances in Restoration Science, Number X: Nitrogen Attenuation in Ecosystems, Opportunities for Restoration Science.” Edited by B. James. (EPA/XXX/X-XX/XXX) July.

Papers are catalogued and indexed by subject matter to ensure ease of use and to provide continuity. An electronic version (PDF) of each issue will be made available on this Web site.


Eric Jorgensen

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