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Environmental Research Briefs

Environmental Research Briefs are short technical summaries of the status, results, or major advances in EPA research. These peer-reviewed briefs are produced by EPA personnel and collaborators.


The Impact of Ground Water/Surface Water Interactions on Contaminant Transport With Application to an Arsenic-Contaminated Site (22 pp, 2.58 MB) (EPA/600/S-05/002) January 2005 - Abstract


Long-Term Performance of Permeable Reactive Barriers Using Zero-Valent Iron: An Evaluation at Two Sites (19 pp 2.27 MB) (EPA/600/S-02/001) March 2002


Analytic Element Modeling of Ground Water Flow and High-Performance Computing (7 pp, 252 KB) (EPA/600/S-00/001) May 2000


Colloid Mobilization and Transport in Contaminant Plumes: Field Experiments, Laboratory Experiments, and Modeling (38 pp, 1.12 MB) (EPA/600/S-99/001) February 1999


Innovative Measures for Subsurface Chromium Remediation: Source Zone, Concentrated Plume, and Dilute Plume (16 pp, 2.22 MB) (EPA/600/S-97/005) September 1997

Anaerobic Biodegredation of BTEX in Aquifer Material (9 pp, 96 KB) (EPA/600/S-97/003) August 1997


Surfactant-Enhanced DNAPL Remediation: Surfactant Selection, Hydraulic Efficiency, and Economic Factors (15 pp, 368 KB) (EPA/600/S-96/002) August 1996


Solubility, Sorption and Transport of Hydrophobic Organic Chemicals in Complex Mixtures (EPA/600/M-91009) March 1991

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