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EPA Alternative Dispute Resolution Contacts

    The success of EPA's ADR efforts depends on a network of talented and experienced professionals in Headquarters offices and EPA Regions.  For Agency-wide ADR information, please contact the Conflict Prevention and Resolution Center. For program-specific or Regional ADR matters, please contact the appropriate offices or individuals listed below.

Conflict Prevention and Resolution Center

Conflict Prevention and Resolution Center 
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (MC: 2388A) 
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW 
Washington, DC 20460 
PHONE:  202-564-2922 
FAX: 202-501-1715 
Internet web site:  http://www.epa.gov/adr

Conflict Prevention and Resolution Center Staff Contacts

Name Phone Email
Jeanne Briskin, Acting Director 202-564-4583 briskin.jeanne@epa.gov
Joyce Fields (SEE) 202-564-2742 fields.joyce@epa.gov
Gina Cerasani 202-564-0838 cerasani.gina@epa.gov
Debbie Dalton
202-564-2913 dalton.deborah@epa.gov
Terry Fenton 202-564-2090 fenton.terry@epa.gov
William E. Hall, Ph.D.
202-564-0214 hall.william@epa.gov
Margaret Ross 202-564-3221 ross.margaret@epa.gov
Jake B. Strickler 202-564-4692 strickler.jacob@epa.gov

EPA Ombudsmen

Several EPA programs have designated ombudsmen who have the ability to look independently into concerns that come to their attention and to facilitate the communication that may lead to a solution.  If you have a specific question or concern related to one of the program areas listed below, you may call the contact for help.

Ombudsman Area of Responsibility Name Phone
Asbestos Ombudsman Asbestos in schools and facilities Joan
Antimicrobial Ombudsman Registration of Microbial Pesticides Michael Hardy 703-308-6432
EPA National Ombudsman Transportation, Storage, Disposal, and Cleanup of Hazardous Materials Paul McKechnie 202-566-2391
Pesticides Ombudsman Registration of Pesticides and Herbicides Linda Arrington 703-305-5446
Small Business Ombudsman Environmental Information and Assistance for Small Businesses Joan
Superfund Regional Public Liaisons Cleanup of hazardous substances and Superfund sites See below See below

EPA Regional Offices

    EPA Regional offices are located in ten major cities around the country.  The staff in these offices are the people who work most closely with states and communities in carrying out EPA's environmental protection activities.  The individuals listed here would be a good place to start if you have questions about the use of ADR in your EPA Region.

Find your Regional ECR Specialist (PDF) (1 pg, 124K, About PDF)

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