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Conflict Prevention and Resolution Services Contract

    All EPA headquarters, Regional, and field offices can use the Conflict Prevention and Resolution Services Contract to obtain expert services in conflict or issues assessment, public participation or stakeholder involvement activities, consensus building and collaborative processes, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes.  In addition, the contract can be used to provide training in consensus building and dispute resolution and for assistance in evaluating stakeholder involvement and ADR programs or cases. The contract can also be used for obtaining neutral third parties for EPA workplace disputes or for collaborative processes within EPA offices.

    The contract is a Task Order contract, which means that the offices desiring the services provides the funding, statement of work and the local task manager for each individual project.  The CPRC provides overall contract management.  The contract was awarded in 2004 for a period of five years.

    The Prime Contractor for the contract is SRA International in Arlington, VA.  More than 70 highly skilled individuals and firms experienced in managing environmental disputes and located throughout the country are available to EPA offices as subcontractors.  Most individuals whose services are available through the contract practice full-time as neutral third parties and have managed a wide range of environmental disputes for many federal, state, local agencies, and private clients.  The contract statement of work provides for strict conflict of interest checks and adherence to professional standards of conduct and ethical canons.

    The prime contract is currently not actively seeking additions to the roster.  Inquiries regarding possible listing as a subcontractor should be addressed to the prime contractor rather than the EPA project officer.

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Terry Fenton
Project Officer, Conflict Prevention and Resolution Services
Conflict Prevention and Resolution Center
Environmental Protection Agency (MC: 2301A)
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20460
Phone: 202-564-2090
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