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CT can provide a unique view of marine sediment communities that can't be achieved by any other method.

CT - 3D animations can be used to discriminate and visualize gas, water, macrofaunal tubes and tunnels, aquatic and terrestrially derived plant material, sediment, shell, and rock within sediment cores.

And CT can be used to quantify marine macrofaunal activity in sediments with respect to two biologically related parameters:

1.PTTV- the volume of tubes and tunnels constructed by sediment macrofauna
2.SXA- the potential measurement of the influence macrofauna on the processing of sediment

Therefore, we believe that the application of CT can be used as an effective management tool to assess and monitor anthropogenic effects on marine sediment communities. It may be used in similarly impacted freshwater systems and perhaps terrestrial environments.

Since medical CT scanners are available at most hospitals, these CT techniques could be applied to environmental studies throughout the world.

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