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Waste Generation

Objective Target Performance Indicator
Reduce conventional, chemical & radioactive waste generation. Develop chemical baselines. Reduce the volume of all waste generation by 5% over the next five years Quantity of material disposed

Insure only necessary amounts of chemicals are purchased. Keep the chemical inventory current.

Minimize amount of chemical waste generated, & eliminate stocks of redundant chemicals.  Perform a chemical inventory self-audit at least annually. 100% SHEM approval of all new chemicals planned for purchase.

Chemical inventory data base available to research staff & purchasing approval by SHEM

Develop multi-year chemical waste disposal contract with regularly scheduled waste removal Minimize quantities of chemical waste on site Chemical waste removal contract
Reduce amount of radioactive waste, normalized to research requirements, pursue alternative analytical procedures Reduce radioactive chemical inventory Quantity of radioactive material disposed
Reduce formaldehyde use in sample preservation Decrease use of formaldehyde normalized to research requirements Quantity of formaldehyde purchased
Develop to extent possible a “paperless workplace” Reduce amount of paper usage & amount of paper in waste stream Development E-forms applications
Maximize use of 100% recycled paper Use 100% recycled paper in all copiers & printers Invoices for paper procurement
Develop & track a system to ensure that metals, fluorescent tubes, batteries & electronics are recycled. 100% recycling of all metals, fluorescent tubes, batteries & electronics slated for disposal Data generated by the SHEM (batteries, fluorescent tubes), the facilities manager (metals) & the security manager (electronics)


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