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EMERGY Methods: Valuable Integrated Assessment Tools


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EMERGY Methods: Valuable Integrated Assessment Tools (1 pp, 4.4 MB, about PDF)

Sherry Brandt-Williams, Dan Campbell and Tingting Cai
USEPA, Office of Research and Development, National Health and Environmental Effect Research Laboratory, Atlantic Ecology Division

EMERGY methods: evaluating environmental impacts and policies

Emergy Methods: Valuable Integrated Assessment Tools

Three AED projects in progress

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For other emergy and systems-related research, see Ecological Benefits of Restoration: Emergy-based Valuation

  1. Sound environmental decisions require an integrated, systemic method of valuation for ecological benefits that are poorly signaled by market-based methods.
  2. Four small streams in West Virginia, USA, that are impaired by acid mine drainage were selected to assess the potential of emergy analyses to provide more realistic measures of ecological benefits from water quality restoration.
  3. Preliminary results indicate greatest benefits from fishing and wildlife watching in terms of the emergy contributions of the stream systems to the socioeconomic system. Fish biodiversity provides the greatest ecological benefit from restoration in the form of an emergy accumulation within the streams.
  4. Ranking of restoration options for these streams will require additional emergy analyses of costs and of less direct benefits.

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