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About the Lakes Ecosystem Services Database:
The Lakes Ecosystem Services database provides unique identification numbers for over 28,000 geographically referenced lakes. This allows us to combine data from the National Lake Survey, the New England Lakes and Ponds Survey, the USGS SPARROW model, as well as other datasets. These data include standard physical-chemical measures of water quality and subjective assessments (e.g., appeal, integrity, etc.) of lakes.  These data form the basis of our research efforts on lakes ecosystem services

How to use the Lakes Ecosystem Services Database:
We use Oracle as our Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) and have many ways to access the data stored in the main oracle database. For researchers on the EPA network, access to the database is possible via various paths. Local EPA Network researchers may be configured with an Oracle ODBC enabled database connection, via Oracle's InstantClient software, to access database content via Microsoft's native ODBC interfaces, using MS-Excel or MS-Access. Using this Oracle ODBC InstantClient software, it is also possible to use scripts coded in the R Language to directly access the database.

For those who do not have direct access to the Oracle database on the local EPA network, we have developed a web interface that provides query, sorting, download, and other tools. Much of the water quality data is available directly via this online interface. Follow the 'Database Access' link above to enter the online version of the database.

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