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About the Lakes Ecosystem Services Online GIS:
The Lakes Ecosystem Services Online GIS provides geospatial visualization, query, and analysis tools. The Online GIS was built on the data collected as part of our research into ecosystem services in lakes. This includes information such as the National Lakes Assessment field data, USGS SPARROW results, National Land Cover Dataset, crop data, etc. With the various tools provided in the Online GIS, users can make and print maps from the datasets provided, query and display data with different cutpoints, conduct buffer analyses around lakes and summarize key datasets, and generate multi-variate radar graphs of water quality data. Future additions will add tools needed by the user community.

How to use the Lakes Ecosystem Services Online GIS:
The Online GIS is built with ArcGIS server. This allows users to access our geospatial data and conduct some analyses. Follow the link above to access the Online GIS and click the icons on the top bar to access the various tools.

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