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Energy Systems and Emergy Evaluation: Supplemental Information and Errata in Published Papers

Campbell, D.E. 2000. Using Energy Systems Theory to Define, Measure, and Interpret Ecological Integrity and Health. Ecosystem Health 6(3):181-204.

Campbell, Daniel E. 2004. Evaluation and Emergy Analysis of the Cobscook Bay Ecosystem. Northeastern Naturalist 11(Special Issue 2): 355-424

Campbell, D.E., Brandt-Williams, S.L., Meisch, M.E.A. 2005. Environmental Accounting Using Emergy:  Evaluation of the State of West Virginia. USEPA, Office of Research and Development, EPA/600/R-05/006.

Hongfang Lu, Daniel Campbell, Jie Chen, Pei Qin, Hai Ren. 2007. Conservation and Economic Vitality of Nature Reserves: An Emergy Evaluation of the Yancheng Biosphere Reserve. Biological Conservation 139:415-438.


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